Harden update, Big Z's new look and a quiz

Rich Harden threw about 20 pitches off the mound on Sunday at Fitch Park and all reports were good. Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild and athletic trainer Mark O’Neal watched Harden’s workout. The right-hander is being closely monitored this spring to avoid aggravating his shoulder.

Also, Carlos Zambrano has shaved his mustache. He won’t be confused with a Pirate anymore.

And, Lou Piniella now knows who was the president when the Cubs last won the World Series. Do you know? An ESPN crew was asking some of the Cubs, and Piniella was stumped. Asked for a hint, he was told the name was the same as one of his pitchers.

“Well, it’s not Zambrano, I know that,” Piniella said.

Told it was one of the lefties, Piniella quipped: “The Marshall plan.” Well, neither Sean Marshall nor anyone else named Marshall has been president.

The correct answer is Theodore Roosevelt, which is Ted Lilly’s first and middle names. Lilly is not related to Roosevelt; his grandfather just liked the president. Piniella didn’t know Lilly’s full name but is now up to date on U.S. history. And now you know.

— Carrie Muskat

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That’s all right Lou, the Cubs were not looking for a history professor when they hired you. Just remember to pencil Lily in the starting rotation this year! That is a very funny story about Ted Lily’s grandfather. Good thing Z shaved the mustache detracts away from a young clean cut team (looks much better). I like the Marshall Plan reference to S. Marshall being the Cubs fifth starter…he earned it. Marshall is a good youngster; very good pitcher with no head trips; nice normal guy. Marshall would be a great choice to complete the Cubs rotation. He had some pretty good outings last year. Hopefully, he can build on what he did last year. Go Cubs!

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