Leadoff man

Cubs manager Lou Piniella has stuck by Alfonso Soriano as his leadoff man the last two seasons but on Monday said he may drop the left fielder down in the order. Piniella said he talked to Soriano at the Cubs Convention about it. One reason for the switch is that Soriano doesn’t run as much as he used to. More later.

— Carrie Muskat


I have two questions… are the Cubs having a throwback game this year like they did against the Braves, and has Jim McArdle published the book he was working on last summer?

How about this for a lineup especially against RHP:
Theriot SS
Fontenot 2B
Soriano LF
Bradley RF
Ramirez 3B
Lee 1B
Soto C
Fukodome CF
Would move Lee out of three hole and replace with a (potentially) lower DP prospect in Soriano, who also has more pop.
Would alternate R&L hitting especially up high in the lineup.
Would let Fontenot, who had more HR per AB than many of the Cubs power guys last year, hit up higher and in a spot where he could pull a ball to get Theriot over to second.
Would put more speed guys in 1, 2, 8 holes.

DONT GET TO EXCITED. and dont expect any of the big bats to hit lower than 5th. Pinnella wouldnt be afraid to do so but this is clearly a motivational technique. IF SORIANO WANT TO REMAIN 1st HE WILL HAVE TO LITERALY (RUUUN) FOR THE JOB.

Let’s hope Lou realizes the formula for baseball success has flexibility, but pretty much over the last 101 years has always includes a leadoff hitter with OBP, plate patience and aggressive base running. And RBIs, not double plays, from the #3 spot.

It seems to me that we have the players on the roster to do this. Whether Lou puts them into the most effective spots in the lineup is the question.

Hopefully, Lou will make decisions not on old stats and memories, but the reality over the past 2+ years with Soriano and Lee… They are still good ball players. But after the fall-off the past 2 years (other than April 08 for Lee), how many other playoff teams would put them at #1 and #3?

How about Soriano #3 and Lee #5?

My Lineup:
1. Miles
2. Theriot
3. Ramirez
4. Bradley
5. Lee
6. Soriano
7. Soto
8. Johnson
9. Pitcher

These are the best hitters and should be playing regardless of the pitching match-ups.

You would have scrappy, contact hitters hitters with speed leading off in the 1-2 spots(Miles is a switch-hitter). The best hitter IMO on the team batting 3rd. Bradley, a switch hitter, can provide a lot of versatility in the 4 spot. Lee, Soriano, and Soto are interchangeable. One of these guys needs to step up and show they can drive in runs regularly. Johnson bats for great average in the 8 spot.

This lineup will never happen because Piniella will never move Soriano and Lee from the 1 and 3 spots, respectively. Also, Bradley will start out somewhere around the 6 or 7 spot until he proves himself.

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