Lou and Ozzie

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was a little disappointed in Cubs manager Lou Piniella. First of all, Guillen says Piniella is reading books by “mellow” people like Tony Dungy and John Wooden. Guillen would prefer to read material by someone who is more fiery like Piniella himself or Billy Martin.

Guillen also was insulted that Piniella accidentally hung up on him. Earlier in February, when the Cubs were at Fitch Park, Guillen tried to call because he wanted to use the designated hitter in Saturday’s game. But Piniella didn’t hear anyone on the other end of the call, so he hung up. On Saturday, Guillen let Piniella know he wasn’t happy about that.

“I told Ozzie, ‘Whatever you want, we’ll accomodate you,'” Piniella said of his conversation Saturday. “He said today, ‘Can I have a couple of your players?'”

— Carrie Muskat


I think after last October, Cub fans really need all the good Cubbie stuff we can get. And beating the White Sux ranks right up there(and NO, I don’t wanna hear “it’s only spring training, doesn’t count”). My smile hasn’t faded all day! get ’em Lou! NORTHside DOMINATION!! and whooping Dodger *** Wednesday was a little to late, but sweet none the less. Seriously tho, missed you guys and DARN glad baseball is BACK!!!!!

I’m with you, bestcub23, sooo glad baseball is back! Just wish I could actually be watching instead of checking websites for scores…oh well, soon enough. I LOVE hearing how Lou and Ozzie banter with each other–keeps me smiling–especially after a Cubs victory!

Lou, can keep his own personal reflections and then write his own book based on the Piniella approach to winning baseball games…which is, get out there and play your rear end off or sit down. Lou can give Yogi Berra a call and he can co-author…Yogi could help Lou put everything into words.

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