Center of attention

Reed Johnson would like to be the Cubs’ every day center fielder. Right now, he’s the main man there until Kosuke Fukudome returns. The plan right now is to platoon the two during the season.

“This kid’s a gamer and he knows how to play,” Lou Piniella said of Johnson. “Is he an every every day outfielder coming off the surgery he had on his back? That remains to be seen. As a slash three/four outfielder, he’s perfect.”

The Cubs simply aren’t sure if Johnson has the durability to handle playing every day. He’s coming off back surgery in 2007. To his credit, Johnson dropped about 14 pounds this offseason and worked on strengthening his core so he could handle the workload.

— Carrie Muskat


I hope RJ can play full time with Koske screwing himself into the ground on every swing. What about moving Derrek Lee to CF so Hoffpauer can play 1b?

I’m glad to see a post about the centerfield position, but it also makes me extremely curious. As of the time of this comment (5:00a MST, 4 March 2009), ESPN reports that Jim Edmonds remains an unsigned free agent. I’m wondering if there’s any interest from the Cubs organization in resigning him? To me, it seemed as if he came through for us big time last year, over and over again.


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