Wednesday lineup @ Goodyear

Milton Bradley is in the Cubs’ lineup for their game at Goodyear vs. the Indians, and is batting fourth. Here’s the rest: CF Joey Gathright, SS Aaron Miles, 1B Derrek Lee, DH Bradley, LF Jason Dubois, RF Brad Snyder, 3B Bobby Scales, 2B Nate Spears.

A lot of Minor Leaguers were added to the Cubs roster for the trip, including Michael Brenly, son of broadcaster Bob Brenly. Chad Gaudin will start for the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


I’ve noticed that winning sports teams usually praise their diety of choice in the locker rooms. Could we find out what god the 1908 Cubs worshiped, and maybe get the current players to do likewise?

Is it me, or are there only eight batters in that lineup? Hey, Carrie! Who’s the catcher?

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