Classic updates – Part II

Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome had four walks and scored a run in Japan’s 4-0 win over China in the first round of the World Baseball Classic. Fukudome started in center field for the defending champions.

In Florida, Cubs catcher Geovany Soto was 0-for-3 in Puerto Rico’s 2-1 win over Tampa Bay in an exhibition game. Soto was behind the plate for the game, and was expected to be the designated hitter in Puerto Rico’s first game of the World Baseball Classic against Panama on Saturday to be played in San Juan.

Team USA opens play Saturday in Toronto against Canada. Chicago’s Ted Lilly was slated to pitch the third game of the tournament.

— Carrie Muskat


I saw Kosuke, and i loved it. He faced 26 pitches, showed patience with some good cut. Hopefully Fukudome can be a very useful player for us if he has a chance to relax a little bit more.

Great news on Kosuke.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Since very few living Cub fans have seen a world series champion, I can’t understand what the hurry is. Obviously the guys we have can’t hack the post season pressure and we need new blood. How about if we trade Soriano, A-ram, D Lee, Fukodome,Bradley, and Zambrano to the NAts, Mariuners, Padres, Pirates, Orioles, and Giants for their first round picks in this years draft. We could get the first 6 picks of the draft. WOW!!!!!.
Keep Soto, as he may be good about the time our draft picks mature.
I’m talking DYNASTY!!!

Wow, sanguineblue, you are truly one of the great baseball minds of our time, and it has been my great honor to spend 10 seconds of my life reading your fail-safe solution to the Cubs championship drought. I can only hope that the team’s management sees fit to fire Jim Hendry immediately and install you in his place. For, in your capable hands, all of our collective hopes and dreams regarding Chicago’s National League ballclub will be fulfilled. Godspeed to you, good sir!

It was nice to see Fukudome not strike out in every at bat. However, when he did swing,… he was still cork-screwing himself into the ground! He wasn’t swinging that way in the first part of the season last year.. looks like he hasn’t fixed that problem yet. Heck.. even if he does hit the ball, he’ll have to dig himself out of the batter’s box before he can run to first.

daver thinks that sanguineblue is one of the great baseball minds ever. Ha Ha. I think your trade idea is stupid because we should trade Ted Lilly, too, to the Orioles for Rich Hill.

I was wondering, are you related to the old Pirate catcher, Manny Sanguine?

I think we need to make more trades because the team isn’t so good and the white sox proved it.

You are absolutely right there Bestest,
Since we have a history of trading players with broken parts to the Orioles (Pie and Sosa with testicular issues, Hill with brain issues, Patterson with Knee issues), maybe we should trad them Koyie Hill. Cutting off 3 fingers puts him in the masochism hall of fame, so I’m sure the birds would give us Brian Roberts for him.
Another stroke of genius.

We trade with the the Orioles too much, I will never forgive Ed Lynch for trading Cal Ripken to the Orioles.

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