Opening Day starter

Lou Piniella has talked to both Carlos Zambrano and Ryan Dempster about starting on Opening Day, and they both want it. “Maybe we’ll split the game 4 1/2 innings apiece,” Piniella said.

Expect a decision by the end of the week as to who gets the assignment for April 6 vs. Houston. The Cubs do plan on skipping the fifth starter the first turn because of the off day in the schedule. That pitcher, most likely Sean Marshall, will stay with the team and could be used out of the bullpen.

— Carrie Muskat


I didn’t think you could pitch half an inning. Someone should tell Lou. Innings are in thirds. I’m not so good at math, though.

I heard that the Cubs and Giants are talking about DLee and Zambrano for Lincecum. Could that be true? I like Lincecum. He’s like a right handed Rich Hill!

DLee lives in northern California so maybe its true. That would free up a lot of salary to go get Jack Peavy.

I like Dlee for Lincecum, keep Big Z though, give them Gathright. Then go get Rich Hill. Why not play Milton Bradley at 3rd when Aram needs a rest? Fontenot will hit 55 HR’s this year.

Maybe we could get one of the Lincecums. There are 2 you know, I’ve seen it on a commercial. I there is a runner on first with no outs, and the batter hits a grounder to second forcing the runner and breaks his ankiel before he gets to first base, the pitcher could be swapped out before the out is completed, thus each pitcher could have half an inning. Also you could get a 4th out on a passed ball 3rd strike. Come on bestestfan, think about the game.
Does Sean Marshall know he’s left handed….like Rich Hill?

Not sure what the big deal is about Opening Day starter. Never understood. Sure, there’s a hype of being on the mound for game 1 of 162, but beyond that, what’s the advantage?

Dear Sanguineblue
How old are you? That second Lincecum is animated, meaning someone drew him or used high tech software to create a fictional (fake) image of the real person. There is only one Lincecum pitcher for the Giants.

Also, Bestestfan- Rich Hill was horrible last year, why would you want him back? Move on we now have Joey Gathright and who can argue with that.

I think Lou should do a Lou Malnati’s commercial, like Santo did back in the day with Santo Pasta.

As far as opening day starter, give it to Lilly- the guy is consistent and he didn’t get to pitch in the playoffs at all last year, his feelings were probably hurt.

At least we still have my favorite utility man Mark DeRosa.

Bestestforeverfan not to be confused with that nitwit Bestestfan

Dear bestestforeverfan,
Of course I knew one of the Lincecums was an animation. But do the Giants know? We could get the real one, leave the Giants with the other and is could be mid season before they figured out the anime has no curveball.
Wiener wiener wiener.

You do have a point about bestestfan being a nitwit however, I mean, come on the rest of us are trying to engage in serious dialogue.

I suppose if in the 5th inning, the second hitter, with a 2-1 count you switched pitchers, you could say a guy pitched 4 1/2 innings. The dorks at Elias sould still call it 4 1/3 if the second out hadn’t been recorded. Maybe Lou has the power to change the way baseball has been scored for 150 years.

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