And the Opening Day starter is …

… Carlos Zambrano. Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Thursday that Big Z will start the season opener April 6 against Houston. It’ll be Zambrano’s fifth Opening Day assignment. Piniella told both Zambrano and Ryan Dempster on Thursday. Dempster, Piniella said, was a little disappointed, and rightfully so.

The Cubs will not use the DH on Thursday. Zambrano is pitching vs. Team Japan.

“If I use the DH today, I’d have a big headache,” Piniella said.

Zambrano doesn’t like missing at-bats.

— Carrie Muskat


We all know that Rich Hill should be the opening day starter. In his absense, though, it should be Dempster. He was our bestest pitcher last year. Zambrano is weerd, anyways.

I heard something on the news this morning about some thing called the I-DID-A-ROD. It’s apparently some sort of a race, I hope it has Madonna in it. Does anybody know if the baseball channel is covering it?

One would assume that this move is simply to keep Zambrano level headed. Piniella knows that this move will not affect Dempster in the same way that it would have affected Big Z had the decision been the other way.

Why isn’t Jake Peavy the opening day starter? He’s way better than Zambarno or Dimpster.

i saw him this past july at wesbury music fair and it was a childhood dream come true. he is still a wonderful performer and i would do it again if i had the opportunity

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