International rules

The Cubs will play Team Japan at HoHoKam Park in an exhibition game Thursday. Cubs bench coach Alan Trammell, who helps put together the lineup, was a little confused. Teams are using the designated hitter in the World Baseball Classic. But Thursday’s game was being played in a National League park. Would they use the DH or not? When told to ask Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano what he wanted to do, Trammell smiled. Everyone knows Big Z wants to hit.

— Carrie Muskat


International rules are interesting, starting with the mandatory breakfast at IHOP.
For instance, every batter whose uniform number is divisible by 3 must grip the bat cross-handed.
The clean up hitters name must be an anagram of hichrill.
If the hitter and pitcher have ever been team mates, they must moon each other before the first pitch.
All left-handers must have at least one item of pink clothing visible.
Australians cannot take the field without an adult chaperon.
Hey don’t blame me, I didn’t write the rules.

I looked it up and those aren’t the rules. Nice try, Manny Sanguine! You had me for a moment their.

How did Randal Simon get on the Nederlands team? What’s the rule? Visit for summer vacation and become eligible to play for them?

Randal should stick to beating up mascotts, sausage killer!

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