3/15 Quick hits

Corey Koskie worked out with the Cubs regulars in Mesa on Sunday, and was then expected to go over to the Minor League camp and join in their drills. Koskie, trying to make a comeback after suffering a concussion in July 2006, could get in a Cactus League game as early as Tuesday.

Infielder Aaron Miles, who has a bruised right shoulder, also worked out Sunday in Mesa and could get back in a game on Tuesday. The Cubs will keep Miles at second base when he returns to avoid aggravating his shoulder on throws from short or third.

As the Cubs weigh what type of extra player to carry — infielder? outfielder? — Lou Piniella suggested teams expand their rosters.

“I was telling our general manager [Jim Hendry] the other day we need a 26-man roster and then we’d be covered in all areas,” Piniella said, “and he started to laugh.”

If given 26 players, most managers would want 27.

Sunday’s lineup is CF Joey Gathright, SS Ryan Theriot, LF Micah Hoffpauir, 1B Jake Fox, 2B Mike Fontenot, RF Doug Deeds, 3B Esteban German, C Koyie Hill and P Rich Harden.

Looking ahead, Jeff Samardzija will start Monday for the Cubs against the Brewers in Maryvale and Carlos Zambrano is slated to go Tuesday against the Dodgers in Glendale.

— Carrie Muskat


At what point does Lou give Hoffpauir the nod over DPLee? Another 3 run jack today for Hoff.

Hoffpauir can hit, but he surely will not replace D. Lee. A player like Hoffpauir could probably start on a team like the Reds, but he doesn’t play defense very well. Lou will not sit a gold glove on the bench for a minor league player. Let’s hope that “double play” D. Lee can get some timely hits this year. Go Cubs!

Hoffy should start everyday at first base. He’ll probably homer everyday and that surely makes up for his defense. Maybe Dlee can learn to play outfield or back up third base.

DLee would be a good pinch hitter, maybe, except for with a runner on first base and less than two outs.

Everyday bestest? Maybe not but everyother day or at least once a series which would be 60-80 HR’s for the season. I will take that over the gold glover. Can DPLee play short stop if he is so good with the glove?

Trade DP for Rich Hill, Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa.

When is Mark Prior pitching this spring?

Can’t argue with belikemike, I’ll take that trade.
I still think Hendry traded the wrong “run producer”,
should have been DPLee not DeRosa. I’m not saying
Haspower is the next coming of Lou Gehrig, what I am
saying is he CAN HIT, is LEFT HANDED (cue heavenly
trumpet sound effects) which is what Lou was after
in the first place. We’ll see if DPLee underperforms
the first month or two of the season how long Lou
Inpateincella can look at Haspower wasting away
on the bench. He benched Fukodome for underperforming offensivley, not defensively. We’ll see.
And can we end the Korie Koskie/
Estaban German/Bobby Scales experiment already?
What a sad state, their isn’t ONE home grown minor leaguer
in OUR OWN SYSTEM that can play a back-up role?
I think Theriot and Soto are the only home grown (non-pitcher) talent on this team (unless Haspower does make the team). Who’s drafting these players that don’t make it?

Homegrown Joeydafish
Felix Pie, Rich Hill, Korey Patterson, Cal Ripken- 80% of the Orioles roster dating back to 1987 is home grown Cubs talent.

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