Hart to Hart

Kevin Hart had a tough outing on March 8 against Texas. The Cubs right-hander gave up four runs on two hits and two walks in one inning. In his last two games, he’s struck out six over 2 1/3 innings and has not given up a hit, run or walk. What’s the difference? He’s taken a “less is more” approach and made sure he’s not overthrowing.

It’s working, and Hart feels a lot better about his pitching lately.

“You can exhale a little because you’re throwing the ball the way you feel like you’re capable of doing,” he said. “I’ve done it before. Consistency has been my focus here in Spring Training. You know it’s early in the season and you know there will be times when everything isn’t perfect. The more you go through Spring Training, the better you want to get the closer the season gets.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Or perhaps he realized after his poop sandwich earlier preformance, that he’s bound for the minors. That would take a load off of his mind and free him up to just play. Ever think of that big city blogger.

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