Team Canada vs. Blackhawks

How about this for an intracity challenge: the Cubs players vs. the Blackhawks in both a hockey game and a baseball game and see who wins. “It’d be a good reality show — ‘Crossover Athletes,'” Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster said.

The Cubs nearly have enough Canadians in the organization to field their own hockey team. Dempster has played right wing, Corey Koskie could be the left wing, Rich Harden was a defenseman, and Vince Perkins was a center. All they’d have to do is recruit Carlos Zambrano to be the goalie.

— Carrie Muskat


What a wonderful idea. But they should be made to play each game in the uniforms and equipment of their respective sports. Soto could be a goalie with a catchers mitt and spikes. The black hawks would have to run the bases in skates. No hockey sticks for the Cubs. Just bats.

Why stop there.. Cubs vs Bears at Soldier field. A Ram as a linebacker swinging a bat at the running back coming thru the line … they won’t do that twice. Fontenot and Theriot as offensive linemen, 1 play and straight to the DL.
Baseball cleats on the hardwood against the Bulls, there’s a pivot foot that won’t slip.

If you are really going to do this, they should meet in a neutral sport….Water Polo. That way all the triple A guys would get moved up to the show when our regulars drown. And we could get Rich Hill back.

It’s not the off-season anymore Carrie. Isn’t there any actual baseball news you could…you know…tell us about?

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