A Classic: Lilly vs. Soto

Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly was expected to start Tuesday night for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic vs. Puerto Rico in Miami. Cubs catcher Geovany Soto could be behind the plate for Puerto Rico. Whoever loses is eliminated, so one of those two Cubs would be coming back to Mesa and camp.

Who are the Cubs players rooting for?

“I root for Lilly,” Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster said.

“Lilly — he’s American, I’m American,” Micah Hoffpauir said. “I like Geo, too.”

“Geo,” Cubs catcher Welington Castillo said. “He’s my buddy.”

“I’m going to say Lilly, but that’s my catcher, too,” Jeff Samardzija said.

“I have to go with USA,” Jake Fox said. “Geo’s one of my favorite clubhouse guys but I have to root for my country.”

Andres Blanco had the best answer.

“Both are good,” Blanco said. “Can I go ‘even’?”

— Carrie Muskat


Is Lilly going to pitch for Puerto Rico, or is Soto going to catch for the US? This is just so confusing.
Speaking of confusing, I am now very worried about one of your articles on Cubs.com There is an article titled “Execution eludes Cub’s Samardzija (?sp) in start”
This would be unprecedented. I mean when a pitcher has a bad outing it is tradition to send him to the showers…not to his death.
But if we did kill him, could we get Rich Hill back?

“Lilly — he’s American, I’m American,” Micah Hoffpauir said. “I like Geo, too.”

Micah probably thinks New Mexico is a foreign country too.
Same goes for Jake Fox.

Folks! Puerto Ricans ARE Americans. It’s part of the USA.

Dear Sanguineblue
Lou has embraced Islam and now takes a poor performance an affront to Mohamed so Lou will take to the sword in severe cases. Bob Brenly had his hand cut off the other day for picking some potato salad off of Lou’s plate in the clubhouse. The Cubs are bringing in Jim Abbott to coach the one handed pitchers the Cubs are expected to have in the near future.

Peurto Ricans are Americans. You’re funny.

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