No. 31 revisited

The Cubs announced Wednesday that they will retire No. 31 on May 3 in honor of Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins. Here is a list, in chronological order, of all the Cubs who have worn No. 31:

Stan Hack (1932), Taylor Douthit (1933), Jim Mosolf (1933), Augie Galan (1934),
Earl Whitehill (1939), Dom Dallessandro (1940-1941), Johnny Schmitz (1941-1942),
Joe Berry (1942), Dale Alderson (1943), Bill Lee (1943), Dale Alderson (1944),
Bob Chipman (1944-1949), Fred Baczewski (1953), Al Lary (1954-1955), Turk Lown
(1956-1958), Dick Ellsworth (1958), Dave Hillman (1959), Mark Freeman (1960), John Goetz (1960), Jug Gerard (1962), Bob Buhl (1962-1966), Fergie Jenkins (1966-1973), Tom Dettore (1975-1976), Joe Coleman (1976), Jim Todd (1977), Davey Johnson (1978), Fergie Jenkins (1982-1983), Ray Fontenot (1985-1986), Greg Maddux (1986-1992), Kevin Foster (1994), Fergie Jenkins (Coach 1995-1996), Kevin Foster (1997-1998), Brad Woodall (1999), Bobby Ayala (1999), Mike Fyhrie (2001), Donovan Osborne (2002), Mark Guthrie (2003), Greg Maddux (2004-2006).

Credit historian Ed Hartig for the extra effort.

— Carrie Muskat

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I thought the 31 was the number of Taylor Douthit. Thanks to Carrie and Ed for confirming my beliefs.

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