What might have been …

Greg Maddux was on the Dodgers’ side in last year’s National League Division Series against the Cubs. In case you forgot, the Dodgers swept the Cubs. What did he think?

“You look on paper, you look at the players on both sides of the team, and there was no question in my mind that the Cubs probably had a better team than we did,” Maddux said. “But that’s the beauty of baseball. The best team doesn’t always win sometimes. For some reason, that human element gets involved and it seemed like our guys came up with the big hit and big pitch when they had to. Had we played [the Cubs] in a 21-game series, I’m sure it would’ve been a lot different.”

— Carrie Muskat


You know, I had forgotten that. Thanks Carrie for reminding me.

See? That’s the beauty of Greg Maddux. A 21 game series is a great idea for the first round of the playoffs! Of course, for the conference championship it should be more. Maybe 31, like his retired number. The World Series should be 41 games. Or play to 21, like ping pong, but you have to win by two.

‘The human element’, love it. As in ‘the choke element’ or ‘the curse of the bartman’ or the ‘wait of weight’ as I remember reading somewhere this off season.

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