Lee says no to Team USA; Soto is back

Mark DeRosa and Ted Lilly have not called Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee to try to lobby him to play this weekend in the World Baseball Classic.

“I’m not going,” Lee said Thursday. “I’m not even playing here.”

Lee was scratched from the Cubs’ lineup on Tuesday because of a sore right quad, and was expected back on Friday. He had not talked to anyone from Team USA, but did say that team’s trainer had contacted Cubs athletic trainer Mark O’Neal to see if Lee was available. Team USA is short-handed because Boston’s Kevin Youkilis has a sprained ankle. Adam Dunn played first base on Wednesday night against Venezuela.

Lee’s leg injury isn’t serious.

“If it was the season, I’d be playing,” he said.

Lee was to take batting practice on Thursday for the first time since Tuesday.

Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano also will not join Venezuela this weekend in the World Baseball Classic. Venezuela is short-handed on the pitching side, but Zambrano said he’s staying in the Cubs camp. Teams in the World Baseball Classic can add players who were already on their provisional roster for each round.

Catcher Geovany Soto did rejoin the Cubs on Thursday. Soto and the Puerto Rican team were eliminated in the second round by the U.S. team.

— Carrie Muskat


Maybe the US team should take Micah Hoffpauir — he’s a better hitter, anyway.

Rich Hill threw in a side session recently and said he felt fine. Great news!

Is Louisiana in the US? I’m no geography major, but if it is, maybe Fontenot can go play 1B for the US. He’s killing the ball. DLEE must not want to let the rest of the world see his awesome appetite at the plate. Cub players, and the clubbie who sets out the food spread already know, but the constant mustard stains on his sleeves make him self conscious.

Sangiuneblue you are a poopie brain. Louisiana is definitely not in the good old US of A. Have you ever been there? They eat pond critters for gosh sakes. The flags have this funny cross and red stripes definitely not American. Maybe you should take some Geography classes.

Wrong you are chucklehead.
I texted a buddy who is dating his milf geography teacher. She said that Louisiana is called the “buy ewe state”.
So it appears to be much like Kentucky which is one of the however-many states we have.

Adam Dunn’s defense put some hurt on team USA, anyone follow Adam Dunn on this blog or have an opinion on Adam Dunn?

Louisiana is part of the USA, a city in Louisiana, New Orleans is a protectoract of the US federal government. From womb to tomb Uncle Sam takes care of the peoples of New Orleans.

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