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Cubs second baseman Mike Fontenot will do what only he can do and that is play himself in the TBS series “My Boys.” The shooting is to be done this week in Arizona. The show centers on a Chicago female sports columnist, but the storyline for Fontenot’s episode focuses on him. Apparently one of the male characters in the show starts up a flirtatious conversation with a young woman, only to find out she’s dating Fontenot. According to the publicity release, Fontenot becomes jealous and there is a confrontation with a surprising result. The show premieres March 31 for its third season.

— Carrie Muskat



This isn’t really about this story, but what happened to the super annoying neyflix popu? Im glad it’s gone but it came up every time I went to the Cubs site. I made a game out of how fast I could delete it.

more hard hitting Cubs news…

A female Chicago sports columnists? That’s absurd.

OK, badmojo and bestest: look at the other 3/20 blog items and at the main page — and you’ll find every bit of cub news you’ll find in the chicago papers, only it’s usually posted faster here. I’ve checked.
and it wouldn’t surprise me if the newspaper guys peek at this blog regularly to make sure they don’t get beat. same with the sports-talk guys. and she STILL sometimes has stuff they don’t have.
re the “My Boys” item — yeah, to me it’s a throwaway (I don’t like the show), but it’s not like important news is being sweezed out of the paper (or the site) to make room for it. somebody out there might care — the show keeps getting renewed for SOME reason, and lots of people like fontinot, right?
and as for the “female” deal: it was a female sports columnist for SI who broke the A-Rod story when all those males were shrugging their shoulders and exchanging “duhs.”
so lighten up a little…this is baseball, not limbaugh-olbermann.

First of all, George Altman the ancient Cub? Or the one who went to Siena College in the 70’s?

Next, comparing this blog to the crappy coverage found in Chicago newspapers doesn’t help her or them. If she didn’t “dummy down” every single article, perhaps her work would seem more relevant. Why not write for the real fans who know baseball instead of pandering to the great unwashed?

Check the hated Cardinals site (they traded us George Altman, after all) and you’ll see what I mean.

Sorry, Georgiefan, I have to go with mojo the bad firstbaseman on this one.

Will Rich Hill be appearing in the TV show?

Look, I use this site to get solid, credible, timely information, and that’s what it provides. And I get to know a little about these guys personally. (DeRosa’s blog last season was amazing, and R Johnson’s is off to a good start.)
If YOU want to read about trades that never happen or why DLee should bat seventh, or read writers who rip players for the egomaniacal joy of it and never show up to take the heat — and all that can be fun, I admit — there are other places and their comment boards for that kind of thing.
I like Muskat because after reading her stuff here for a bunch of years, I trust her. That simple.
And yes, it’s the ancient George Altman — who as a Cub All-Star brought glory to No. 21 before that corked-bat Dominican foof shamed it. (See? Told you it was fun…)

I just spoke to Rich Hill, he said Carrie’s Maden name is Altman.
Mystery solved.

Regadless of female or male how critical can a paid shillee be for the shillor. Carrie (Shillee) is on the Cubs/MLB (Shillor) payroll, her information is factual and accurate but you won’t get any depth to the facts if it is not in the interest of the shillor to release them.

Badmojo and bestest are out of line and Obama has laws against that kind of speech. Becareful or you may get locked up.

Actually that kind of speech would have landed those boys in the slammer a few months ago, but the tiger woods fellow allows free speach. we are all going to hell.

Actually, the US Constitution grants us free speech rights. Tiger Woods doesn’t really have much to say about it. You must be more of an Olberman guy.

Hope and change, hope and change, I hope I have more than just some change in my pocket when these guys are done.

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