Patriotic plea

Derrek Lee played in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, and enjoyed the experience. He was on Team USA’s roster this year, but opted not to go when told he would be a backup to Kevin Youkilis at first base. When Youkilis injured his ankle, the U.S. team realized they needed Lee, but he has not played all week because of a leg injury.

On Sunday, Lee said Major League Baseball officials contacted him and tried to get him to join Team USA for the semifinal and possibly final games. Lee felt it was “disrespectful.”

“If I felt well, it’s a different story,” Lee said. “It’s not fair if I miss a week here and go play for them. They knew I was injured. Obviously, everyone knows it’s not a serious injury but everyone knows it was enough to keep me out of the games.”

— Carrie Muskat


Do you think they say around and wondered “where will we ever find a ground ball hitting first baseman with a leg injury? Hey, wait…let’s ask Derrek Lee!”

I think it’s more disrespectful to say that he didn’t want to go if he had to be a backup than to be asked a second time. Just saying. He should have wanted to play for America — even being on the bench would be an honor.

Rich Hill would have gone.

The first baseman the US had last night did very well (we should look at trading for him, I think his name was DeRosa). a 2 RBI triple. Unfortunately the US gave up 5 unearned runs in a 5 run loss. The **** were just plain better. Good thing Sadaharu OH was not leading the Japanese pacific fleet 60 years ago.

Naaaaah…who needs DeRosa? We’re much beter off with the 3 minor leaguers training for a world series run in…
2020? Than one of the most versatile talented players to where a Cubs uniform in quite some time.
Way to go Jimmy!!! Why doesn’t Hendry just get it over with
sooner than later and trade Bradley NOW just because he
OCCASSIONALLY bats right handed? What’s his goal? To get
so lefty it will make Obama look conservative?

I think Lee meant it would be disrespectful for him to leave the Cubs and play with the USA team after not playing with the Cubs due to the nagging injuries. As in, “oh you can hustle for them but not for us”.

Not disrepectful that a double play machine was asked to back up Yuk.

Clue in bestest.

Carrie, could you be a little more clear in your writing so we don’t have to guess at what these quotes really mean. It should be obvious to you that your audience isn’t highly edukated.

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