Classic Cubs update

The World Baseball Classic will end Monday night with Japan vs. Korea playing for the championship in Los Angeles, which means Kosuke Fukudome is close to rejoining the Cubs. He’s expected back in the lineup on Thursday when the Cubs travel to Scottsdale for a night game against the Giants. He’ll be inserted into the No. 2 spot in the lineup and in center field. Lou Piniella said Monday he hasn’t watched enough of Team Japan’s games to gauge how Fukudome is doing.

— Carrie Muskat



I’ve watched enough of Fukudome with Japan to know that Reed Johnson is in for a LOT of playing time this year.

I agree with you dagroove. The only ball I have seen him hit hard the outfielder made a great catch. The only thing good I have seen is he still is getting walks. His swing looks awful.

What other player on the roster is getting a raw deal for another Hendry mistake (signing Fukodome)?
Some young kid no doubt that could at least play good defense and pinch run. I like Gathright AND Taguchi better
than Fukonosho. Lou’s biggest challenge will to keep Fukodome from falling on his bat due to his pride being tested by riding the bench waiting for Hendry to pull another
“brilliant trade” out of his over-rated hat. What was the difference between Fukodome and Pie? 30 million I think.

Hendry & Lou must be Obama fans cause they are right in line with the hope and change philosophy. They are simply hoping Fukodome changes into a quality hitter.

At what point in the 09 season will one say, “oops, no change here, he still blows.”

I would rather pay a guy millions to play in Iowa and let a young talent blossom than keep a bad contract at the major league level. See, Willis, Dontriellia

Im glad im not the only one that thinks this guy needs alot of work to become the player the cubs hope he will. I honestly like Fukudome alot…I was at the opening day game last year where he got Wrigley rockin and he plays really good D but he is completly different hitter now. Im guessin that Lou will keep Joey in the 25 man roster rather than an extra IF if Fukudome swings the bat like he did in the WBC .

Joey Gathright is an absolute lock. He is the immediate
solution for the Pie trade, which I think was pulled off too
hastily. Gathright will serve a purpose but not a significant
upgrade from Pie. Let’s hope Lou lives up to his credo of
if you perform well you play, like he did with Theriot.
I don’t want players riding the bench because of the contracts of other players getting in the way. (Lee vs. haufpour & Fukodome vs. Gathright). I would much rather
have Gathright’s 250 batting average, catching everything in
sight and stealing bases when he does get on vs. Fukodome catching most flyballs, not steailing bases
when he rarely gets on and worrying about his pride.
And believe me, I’m not a huge Gathright fan, just a “lesser
of two evils” type of situation. After all, is it really rocket science to trot out the players that give you the best chance
of winning? How about SIGNING & DEVELOPING players that give you the best chance of winning instead of HOPING you get the next “Ichuro”? The attitude “we will win in 3-5 years with the players we are developing NOW” is better than an attitude “we will win NOW with the players we are
throwing darts at and hoping for the best”
Of course I would be extactic should the Cubs win the World Series IN ANY FASHION, but if they win it will be because one of Hendry’s dart throwing deals LUCKILY
hit a bullseye, not because of a fundamental philosophy

Joeydafish….im gonna take a shot in the dark and say your not a Hendry fan…lol. I do agree with you in a sense. It would be nice to get some young guys come in and be able to add that with good sound free agents without huge contracts that can never be livied up too. I do think that Lou will have Fukudome on a short rope and won’t wait for him to come around. For the Cubs and Cubs fans sake I hope he steps it up this year

wicubsfan….boy I hope I didn’t come across as too mean-spirited toward Hendry…Ha! I am definatley not a Hendry fan.Some of my friends keep asking when was the last time the Cubs were in the post season conscecutive years? And they think it’s to HENDRY’S credit. I’t more to Lou’s credit. We’re talking about a guy that got LUCKY by taking a flyer on Edmonds and Johnson…because he had no viable option for center field. It was Lou’s managing the past two years with Hendry’s cast-off that got us a winning.
Plus Lou managed to get the most out of the bullpen as
well. In other words The Cubs were successful despite Hendry’s bad signings of Soriano and Fudodome.
Aside from acquiring and keeping Ramirez most of Hendry’s
acquistions are suspect. One of his better moves? Signing
DeRosa…oh yeah I forgot…

I agree I dont always understand his moves. I won’t go and say hes awful but by no means do I think he is a top GM in the game. I will throw another move out there that I think was a good move….Sammy Sosa for Mike Fontenot and another guy (I can’t remeber who it was. I think he was a guy like Gathright ) but anyway I really hope Fontenot to has a break out year.

mmm…o.k. NOT AWFUL, but that would be the hi-lite of his resume. “I think I would be a good addition to your club because I have many years of not being awful as a GM.”
The Sammy Sosa for Fontenot would be a trade I would file
under the many “lucky” deals he fell into. I mean, can you imagine them REALLY targeting Fontenot and thinking “we must have him!, how about Sammy Sosa?” He needed to dump Sosa and would have accepted any team’s mid-level
prospect in return. I like Fontenot and are glad we have him
but not enough to commend Hendry for such “sly deal”.
I still think the only quality move he made was getting Ramirez and Lofton where it was addressing two vital needs and targeting talent at the same time, combine that
with his ability to re-sign Ramirez and that’s the beginning of a good GM, unfortunatley he must have had too much
kool-ade afterwards and fell off the wagon.

Jerry Hairston Jr was the other player the Cubs got for Sosa. Jerry is now playing for badmojo in the valley rec league, and struggling their also.

Jerry Haiston Jr. Oh my God.
See? Yet another acquisition by Hendry that went down in flames. He was probably forced to take Haiston in that deal so I’ll cut him some slack there because of the need to dump Sosa, still if you recall, Hairston was the one to get immediate playing time while Fontenot was stuck in the minors. The false sense of “accomplishment” that Hendry
and other GM’s get when receiving a “warm body” in a trade
is their un-doing. He should have insisted on receiving ONLY
Fontenot in the deal and eating more of Sosa’s contract thereby opening up a chance for promoting our own “warm body” from the minor leagues and give them a chance to perform on the major league team. I mean come on…
we had NOBODY in the minor leagues worth a look instead of Haiston??? He already PROVED his lack of worth, not at
all like proven veterans given one more chance of getting another mile out of the tank (i.e. Edmonds, Griffey Jr. etc.)
at least they HAD something in the tank at one time.
But Hairston??? O.K. don’t ask me who they DID have in the minor leagues (outfielder) at the time of that deal, the Cubs have done such a poor job developing outfielders that
nobody comes to mind or stands out…but that’s my point,
neither did Hairston stand out so just throw a dart at any
minor leauge outfielder and see what he’s got.
Who was the last regular outfielder promoted from within
that played a whole season? Murton? (platoon).
Patterson. Which opens the door to the poor
developing mentioned above. Let’s see what they do with
Sam Fuld or Tyler Colvin (?). How about Josh Vitters the next “can’t miss” He may be the first legitimate position
player to get promoted in the next few years…unless Hendry trades him for Peavy, or better yet, Rich Hill!
You go Jimmy!!!!

Got me sold. If I could and have remembered it was Joey I don’t think I would have brought it up. I really really hope he doesn’t trade Vitters for Peavy….for our sake and the Cubs sake.

I agree with the overwhelming sentiment that it should be Hill for all the reasons listed in other comments.
Keeping Blanco (as well as DeRosa) were no brainer decisions that Hendry dropped the ball on, so, as
commented it’s water under the crumbling Hendry bridge and we as true, knowledgable, Cubs’ fans
have no choice but to move on. It certainly doesn’t mean we have to wish Blanco well. I care as much about
him as I care about other ex-cubs…I hope they play like crap…when they play us. One thing I get a big
chuckle over is the one mention of Bako being “a coveted left-handed bat”, tha’ts hillarious.
Are you talking about the same Bako??? Or did you mean to comment on the un-founded reasoning
by many “baseball experts” (especially Hendry/Pinella) that if your left handed regardless of talent or prowess, you MUST be good/coveted etc. For the love of all that is baseball holy…keep Hill until a better
option than either him OR Bako presents itself, or falls into Hendry,s lap (if he notices).

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