3/26 Quick hits

We’ll find out who the Cubs closer is on Sunday. Lou Piniella said he’d announce it then. Kevin Gregg has pitched in back to back games already, and Carlos Marmol was to go Thursday night and Friday in his final test. In an unofficial poll of Chicago beat writers, the vote was two for Gregg and two for Marmol. We’ll see.

Other notes:

  • The Cubs will have one lefty in the bullpen, and pitching coach Larry Rothschild says that’ll be enough. “Whoever’s the set-up guy, you’re not going to bring him out to get a lefty, so you’re talking about a lefty to get somebody out in the sixth or seventh innings,” Rothschild said. “If you have two of them, you’re talking about the fifth inning. Right now, I think we’re OK.” Plus, the Cubs will have two lefties in the rotation in Ted Lilly and Sean Marshall, which will affect how opposing teams set up their lineups.
  • Rothschild wasn’t worried about Jeff Samardzija’s most recent outings. “There’s a lot of positives for him this spring,” Rothschild said. “The numbers aren’t one of them.”
  • Expect Kosuke Fukudome in the Cubs’ lineup on Friday when they play host to the White Sox. Carlos Zambrano is slated to start.
  • The Cubs have switched to the old model batting helmets after a one-year experiment with Cool-Flo models. They just didn’t hold up and the team went through 40-50 helmets last year. Also, their road caps are all blue — no more red bill.
  • Micah Hoffpauir and Mike Fontenot both enjoyed their acting experience with the “My Boys” crew on Tuesday and Wednesday. “I’d do it again,” Hoffpauir said. “Then I can be as popular as [Ryan] Dempster.”

— Carrie Muskat

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So, if Cotts is going to be the only lefty, what happens to Stanton now? Has he been released? Will he accept assignment to the minors? Would he consider staying on as a coach (or something)?

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