3/29 Roster moves

The Cubs reduced the spring roster to 30 players on Sunday. Right-handed pitchers Kevin Hart and Randy Wells were optioned to Triple-A Iowa. Catcher Mark Johnson, infielders Andres Blanco and Esteban German and outfielders Brad Snyder and So Taguchi were assigned to the Minor League camp. The spring roster now includes 16 pitchers, three catchers, six infielders and five outfielders.

— Carrie Muskat


I guess that kind of answers the “So Taguchi vs. Joey Gathright” question…Lou’s answer anyhow!

I like Gaithrights speed and left hand Bat. Taguchi can get more playing time in the minors and might even be trade bait later in the season. Who knows if someone gets hurt he is right there to help them out. Im also sure that when they expand the roster later in the year he will be called up also to give the regulars a break.

I don’t mind Lou’s pick of Gathright over Taguchi. I think
Gathright is a little younger, faster, gets on base as much or
more than Taguchi. Not that big of a difference maker type decision. Ther real shame is keeping Fukodome over Taguchi. The team would be better with both Gathright and
Taguchi and I’d bet the fly on the wall in Lou’s office would
tell us that’s exactly what he’s saying as well but he has to
keep Hendry’s guy Fukodome so Hendry doesn’t look like the bumbling buffoon he is. We’ll see how long Fukodome lasts. Let’s not forget, we as Cubs fans should not accept
a “turn around” by Fukodome unless he hits .300, has an
on base pct. of at least .360 and hits at least 20 homers and knocks in at least 80 runs. Any numbers less than that
is not what Hendry adverstised when he first signed him.
Sometimes us Cubs fans have short memorys…not this time
Jimmy. Would anybody out their mind if Hendry left after this season (whether or not we WIN THE WORLD SERIES)
and took Fukodome, Vizcaino, Bako, German, Koskie (I know, he’s already gone but I had to mention him because it was sooooooooo bad of an idea), and Soriano with him?

The one thing Gathright has that Taguchi doesn’t is speed. Said Lou postgame: “[Speed] is something that we’ve added some this year and we’ll see how it works.”

Umm..”So Taguchi were assigned to the Minor League camp”.. yet he was in the line-up today in the big league camp? EH???

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