Fukudome update

Kosuke Fukudome hit his first homer this spring with one on and one out in the ninth inning Monday to pull within 8-7 of the Royals. The Cubs then tied the game on Kyle Reynolds’ RBI double, and that was the final score, 8-8. But Fukudome also was charged with an error that led to two Kansas City runs in the bottom of the eighth. He told the Japanese writers that right fielder Reed Johnson was having trouble with the sun, which could have led to the confusion. Both had converged on the ball. We’ll find out more on Tuesday. Fukudome is batting .167.

— Carrie Muskat


Here’s the only Fukodome update needed:
He’s STILL on the roster.

It makes me sad to see so many vulturous fans – Cubs and otherwise- already circling Fukudome, waiting for him to fail so they can swoop in and pick his bones with “I TOLD YOU SO’S!!!”

If you’re really a Cubs fan, give the man a chance. He’s had 12 spring training ABs. Let him get his feet under him and – yes – even let him have a couple weeks (at least) of regular season play before you tear him to pieces.

I realize I’m wasting my virtual breath here, but I feel I must try nonetheless.

Dear dat_cubfan_daver
Would the 2008 season qualify as a ‘chance’ for Fukudome?

Try virtual common sense next time and save your virtual breath.

Dear belikemike

Apparently, you missed the first two months of the 2008 season. Apparently, you also missed the fact that Fukudome was among the best defensive right fielders in the league last year.

Try some virtual baseball sense next time and save your very real nonsense.

Dear dat cubfan daver
If only the league would pitch to Fukudome like they didn’t know his weakness, like the first 2 months of the 2008 season.

Yes, Dome can play some D but what is it worth if he hits .190?

Gotta hand it to belikemike, you’re dead on.
So what if Fukonoshow does catch everything in sight?,
not likely since he is at least a little over-rated as
a defensive fielder plus he’ll be in center this season
not his natural positon. Did we see the first two months of last season? Sure did, should we give everybody in the major leagues a starting job if they have two good months in the magors? If so, Matt Murton would still be starting in left field. Fuko would have to rebound with a .310 average, 80 rbi and 20 homers to be considered worth his signing. I’d rather not have him take ab’s away from Johnson.
I’m not in it for the “I told you so’s” I couldn’t give darn. I’m in it for the best players to be on the feild. He hasn’t even shown anything in the WBC, his own country benched him the last two games right? Yeesh, what’s the attachment to this guy anyway? He’s not a stand out rookie with a whole career ahead of him, not that Hendry would know what one
of those players looks like anyway. Fukodome can be a nice little defensive replacement, pinch runner. Let him collect his paycheck riding the bench while the rest of the team goes out there and wins some ball games.

Big League Rule # 45
Players with big contracts make the big league team regardless of performance. See Jones, Andruw 2008; Zito, Barry 2007, 2008, 2009; Juanita Pierre 2009; Fukudome, Kosuke 2009.

Big League Rule # 46
Top draft prospects who sign for big bonus money get moved up the system regardless of performance. See Patterson, Kory; Pie, Felix

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