The Under Armour logos will be back on the outfield doors at Wrigley Field. The Cubs announced Tuesday they have agreed to continue their partnership with Under Armour, and now have a multi-million dollar multi-year deal. The Cubs have dismissed their lawsuit against the company, which was filed in January after Under Armour failed to pay the team.

— Carrie Muskat


Apparently the bailout money came thru, that should fry be like mike’s cookies. Although Under armor makes some sense as an athletic apparel manufacturer, there were other viable options….
Captain Morgan’s whatever booze with the leg up pirate was vetoed as it would encourage Alf to exaggerate his hop even more.
The snake oil aspirin **** “Head-on” was nixed as Reed Johnson may have slid that way into the doors.
The most money actually came from “Tony LaRussa’s Steakhouse and Strip Joint” but it’ would have upset the vegan crowd.
Preparation H had money coming out the butt, but was deemed a pain to work with.
Tinactin would be a natural, but it just never was comfortable.
Zovirax is already in the training room, but could have hampered the apre’ game entertainment industry.
And a private group that wanted to place a sign that said “Bring Back Rich Hill” lost it’s funding at the last minute.

Obama needs to manage this , if Under Armour is going to use tax payer money why should they blow money on a corporate suite at Wrigley. Next thing you know they will be paying executives big bonuses. Under Armour should supply us all with tight underwear free of charge for the common good of all.

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