Lou: 'Gregg is still our closer'

Carlos Marmol may have gotten the save Saturday night, but Kevin Gregg is still the Cubs’ closer. This week in Houston, Lou Piniella explained that he couldn’t afford to get both Gregg and Marmol up in the pen if he wasn’t going to use both pitchers. On Saturday, he had Marmol warm up just in case the Cubs rallied — and they did, taking the lead on Alfonso Soriano’s two-run homer in the ninth.

Marmol picked up his first save, ending the game with Prince Fielder looking at strike three.

“Gregg is still our closer,” Piniella said after the game. “I can’t get them both up [in the bullpen]. I said that the other night in Houston. I can’t afford to get them both up because I lose [both of] them. We got Marmol up just in case we tied or went ahead and that was the end of it.

“I said when the season started there will be opportunities for both of them,” Piniella said, “but believe me, tomorrow, if we get into a similar situation, Gregg will be the closer.”

— Carrie Muskat


A closer needs to do two things, strike batters out and keep them off the bases. No one does this like Carlos Marmol. Over the last two seasons as a reliever he has struck out more batters than he has allowed to reach base in any way, hits, walks, or hit by pitch. He is a door slammer with out a doubt.

You could see a clear the difference between Gregg and Marmol on Sundays game. Marmol is dominating, quickly retiring the side. Gregg on the other hand struggled. While Gregg is a good relief pitcher he is not dominating enough to be the Cubs closer. The Cubs need to wake up and see how valuable Marmol could be as a closer.

I think Lou is crazy like a fox and he has a method to his madness about Marmol being the closer. Somehow, I think he is alleviating some pressure on Marmol because of all the hype and demand for Marmol to be the annointed closer from the get go. This way Marmol may “sneak in” as the closer with lesser expectations. I’ll give Lou the benefit of the doubt, much more so than Hendry. Even though Fukodome is showing signs of being a good hitter we already lost a year on his contract and the jury is still out on Bradley who is already injured. Why did Hendry need to bring somebody perfectly suited for the DH to the national league???

I must agree with joeydafish and I will take it a step further, why on earth did we sign that automatic out Aaron Miles? We have to have someone on the farm that is better than Miles.

Yep, good point by belikemike, it’s as if Hendry falls prey to the “major leaguer” or
“superstar” tag and feels he must make a splash as a GM
as opposed to no splash, just sound trades, signings and
evaluation of in-house options. He HAD to trade Marquis.
Why? How much worse would Marquis have been IN THE PLAYOFFS?. Hey, Marquis isn’t Cy Young, I know that but
having him on the staff is a good thing/insurance. The same
can be said of DeRosa, yeah, yeah he’s hitting .170 I know that too, tell that to Ramirez’s bad back. Kerry Wood…congratulations you FINALLY have shown up in a contributing role as a closer, great job! Oh, by the way I traded you to the Indians for “your own sake”, don’t worry about us, I’ve got it covered with GREGG. I ask my fellow Cubs’ fans: Would we have not been a better team this year with Marquis, Wood, DeRosa still contributing?
Am I alone here? The best thing new owners can do is fire
Hendry and replace him with a GM that can do for the Cubs
what was done for the Marlins…recognize talent and have patience for a few years…BULID FROM WITHIN.
Sorry, after Marquis’s outing yesteday I had to vent.
How embarrassing for somebody that was not good enough to be on your roster to beat SUCH AN IMPROVED CUBS TEAM….HANDILY!!

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