Close call

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said the pitch was “too close to take.” Milton Bradley disagreed.

“It’s right there,” Wainwright said of the called third strike in the sixth that Bradley objected to. “I’m sure the TV strike zone thing would have had it crossing the plate.”

Bradley didn’t have the chance to check. He objected to home plate umpire Larry Vanover’s call, and was quickly ejected. It probably wasn’t the way Bradley planned for his Wrigley Field debut. This was his first at-bat, the bases were loaded, and the Cardinals had just taken the lead. St. Louis won, 7-4.

“I like it,” Derrek Lee said of Bradley’s outburst. “He said what he had to say and walked off. That’s him. He’s intense. It’s a big situation, he wants to do well, and he got upset. It’s OK. He didn’t do anything malicious. He was coming out of the game anyway and now he just has to pay 500 bucks.”

Lou Piniella wasn’t sure if Bradley would be in the lineup Friday. The outfielder has been rehabbing a strained groin, and not started since last Sunday in Milwaukee.

— Carrie Muskat


I love to see the intensity. I’m sick of hearing it’s early. I wish someone would come into the game from the bullpen with the same intesity.

Carrie, I think it is wrong for you to say that he fanned on the pitch first off, because it was a backwards K… Second off umpires should be fined for bad calls. If a player makes a bad play he is bewildered in the media or fined at the highest aspects of it. In my opinion or anyone who has knowledge of that game, it was atleast a 3 run swing, the umpire made the game. Not only was it a 3-0 count but the fourth pitch was a ball 99% of the time and then so was the 3-2 count. So there is a walked run in 5-4 us Soriano gets up with one out instead of two… Deep fly drives another in 6-4 second and third two outs.. but we didn’t get that far. Next inning Duncan gets a third strike callin on the inside by Patton a Ball SAME place, then he hits a run scoring single give me a break!

In that situation Bradley can’t take a pitch that close. None of the Cubs hitters can rely on getting a call based on their hitting reputation. The umpire’s call may have been bad but standing there with a bat on your shoulder isn’t going to help the team either. Yelling about the call and getting booted out of the game isn’t intensity it’s combativeness. It’s part of Bradley’s attitude problem that has lead to problems in the clubhouse and several suspensions.

I agree with Cubsfana1….you nailed it.
No more whining about umps, we expect our players to at the VERY LEAST play fundamentally sound baseball INCLUDING swinging at close pitches with two strikes, fouling some off, putting the BALL IN PLAY for crying out loud. To take a called third strike with men in scoring position is unnacceptable. Derek Lee did the same thing earlier in the game, THAT at bat was just as pathetic and changed the tone of the game. Bad baseball equals losses, period. Put some hungrier, smarter players on the field and
I for one would wait several years for them to develop into a play-off WINNING team. (see the Marlins, Mr. Hendry)

Ok, am i the only 1 who is concerned with the amount of Home Runs the Cubs pitching is giving up, maybe it is time to rethink our rotation or pitching coach. There is deffinately a problem here.

I totally agree with mlbfanwi about the bad call the umpire made on Milton Bradley. IF he was fined the umpire should also received the same. It’s about time they answer to the outcome of these games. If you think the players should be held to high standards, the umpires supposedly are also up there to be doing their job. If they don’t want instant replay on balls & strikes they better start fining umpires on such bad preformances. And also, let them take a walk to the bench or showers. Better yet a trot around the field.

I think that Umpire having been suspended for a year for instigating the fight with Bradely (that ended in his manager of the time throwing him to the ground and tearing his ACL) is why the boys in blue actually have it in for him.

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