Good karma

On Saturday during the Cubs’ game in Milwaukee, Larry Rothschild went to the mound and made a pitching change. After the game, Lou Piniella said he asked the pitching coach to do it to try and change the team’s karma. On Thursday against the Cardinals, Rothschild made all the pitching changes. Was it another effort to help the Cubs’ karma?

“I said it was karma in Milwaukee,” Piniella said. “We’ll call it something else tomorrow. What’s the difference in who makes pitching changes? Does it really matter if I have to go out there and double switch, if I have to go out there and talk to the pitcher if I’m undecided? What’s the difference if it’s the pitching coach, the manager, the hitting coach, or the third base coach? What’s the difference who makes the pitching changes?”

Piniella was asked if he was trying to make a point.

“I’m not trying to make a point about anything,” he said.

This isn’t the first time in Piniella’s tenure that Rothschild has been asked to signal to the pen.

“It doesn’t matter,” Piniella said. “What matters is when the pitcher comes in the ballgame, he gets some outs.”

— Carrie Muskat

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