There were some strange Cubby occurrences in the Reds’ fourth inning.

The game was interrupted briefly when a cat ran onto the outfield during Joey Votto’s at-bat. A security guard cornered the feline and lifted it by its tail off the field near the Cubs bullpen. Votto walked. Remember the black cat that circled Ron Santo in the on-deck circle at Shea Stadium in 1969?

One out later, Bruce lofted a ball in foul territory along the left field line. Alfonso Soriano chased it down but a fan caught the ball. Sound familiar? Bruce then hit a single, driving in Votto to tie the game at 2.

— Carrie Muskat


Regardless of the “strangeness” of the cat being on the field, I, and I’m sure many other fans, would like to know…How did the cat get on the field? By how it was running (not bending it’s knees) it looked injured. then was manhandled, dropped, then lifted by its tail (which is pretty inhumane to do to any animal) into the stands. Did someone bring the cat into the game? Did someone throw it down from the bleachers? Why can’t a grounds crew member have more sense than to try and pick it up like it’s a housecat rather then pick it up by the nape of its neck? What happened to the cat afterwards? I am, by no means, some off the wall nutjob…i am just asking some simple questions. I hope someone can find some answers. Thanks.

THANK YOU! I had the same questions – how did the cat get there and what has become of it??? I don’t necesarrily expect everyone (grounds crew) to know how to handle cats, but COME ON!

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