Bradley out; Vizcaino gone

Milton Bradley and Lou Piniella had a little talk on Thursday. Piniella said the outfielder will not start until he’s 100 percent healthy. Piniella also said when Bradley returns, he’ll likely bat sixth instead of fourth. Bradley has been bothered by a strained right groin, which forced him out of a game April 12. He made his first start Wednesday, and went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts. He has one hit this season, a home run.

Micah Hoffpauir started in right field on Thursday in the series finale against the Reds.

Meanwhile, Luis Vizcaino was designated for assignment to make room for Jeff Samardzija, who was called up from Triple-A Iowa. Samardzija will be used in a role similar to Aaron Heilman and act as a bridge from the starters to the late inning pitchers, Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg.

— Carrie Muskat


Here we go again, Hendry slips another move under the radar….Vizcaino was just designated for assignment leaving us with nothing to show for Marquis…except saving
SOME money? This is not the way to build a winning ball club. Also, as I previously commented regarding how the Marlins do a much better job with developing talent in order to field a good, winning ball club here is yet another example: We put one of our most talented pitchers Smarzda (forgive my spelling) in the minors to stretch out in order to become a starter, THEN yank up to the majors as a RELIEVER to compensate for the loss of Vizcaino…who was let go by…Hendry instead of sticking to a plan to develope a staring pitcher. Somebody needs to make up Hendry’s mind and point him in the right direction…the unemployment line!

I agree
No with Vizcaino gone and Gaudin Gone that’s about 5.5 mill that they are paying not to pitch
Some one remind me wasn’t Marquis making 5 mil and did they not trade him just to dump salary
And by the way Marquis has more hits and rbi’s this season than Bradley

Unbelieveable….. Vizcaino didn’t allow a single run in 3 2/3 innings and he’s gone. And Cotts (whou should’ve been gone) stays, a guy who can’t even control his pitches. I know the season is young but you can’t commit this mistakes, as overlord15 said, we now have 5.5M thrown to garbage. Just to remember: Mark DeRosa was traded to make salary room for Bradley…..and now DeRosa has more RBI’s than anybody in this club. At least he should’ve been traded for something useful like a left-handed reliever that we don’t have (Cotts can’t get anybody out), but no, we traded him for 3 minor league pitchers who nobody knows where they are know. Hendry’s moves have been very stupid so far.

Overlord15, Mexicancub and others….welcome aboard!
I am glad you see the light regarding Hendry’s inept handling of this team. Once again, IF the Cubs have a winning season let alone reach the playoffs it will be only because of Lou’s managerial skills working with inadequate and underachieving talent given him by Hendry.
Left field: Soriano, belongs in the American league.
Center field: Fukodome, belongs in right field.
Right field: Bradley, belongs in the American league.
3rd base: Ramirez, great pick up by Hendry, I think his only saving grace.
S.S.: Theriot, very good player, took LOU to put him in after Hendry FINALLY calls him up, should have played instead of Izturis.
2B: Lost DeRosa (shame on you Jim!) now crossing our fingers with a utility player in Fontanot.
1B: Lee, Hendry is keeping him past his prime, forcing Haufpauir to play out of position.
Catcher: Soto, good evaluation on Hendry? Jury is still out.
Even if he develops into a stud, not enough to annoint Hendry a great GM.
Hendry’s gotta go.

joeydafish…your comments make my day….thank you. Sadly i agree with you as much as i dont want too. I’m not a fan of Hendry but i do like some of the guys hes brought in lucky or not (like reed johnson). You should start a blog about your anti-hendry pov.

mlbfanwi, knowing I made your day justifies all of us who comment, as we are NOT deaf, dumb and blind to what’s going on. I would love one day to “track” every one of Hendry’s moves to vindicate my opinion of him. You are not the first
to suggest me blogging concerning Hendry’s performance, I really need to looin into it. I, as well as many of you I’m sure would not hesitate to tell the Cubs ownership that YES,
I can do a better job than Henday AND at less a salary.
The frustration continues. I agree that he has brought in some good players, but not game changers, just players that ANY GM could have gotten with little effort, and no horse trading skills. Was there a line at the door to get Johnson? Edmonds? Miles? Gathright? Gregg? NO.
Even Ramirez (with Lofton) at the time was not “blockbuster” very good yes, but his only worthwhile move. Where’s the young talent coming through the system? (hitters), Where’s Manny? Texiara? etc. etc.
I would prefer to develop from within but if a GM is relentless in pursuit of BRINGING IN players, let’s take a pass on the likes of American league DH types, shall we Jim?

Allright, I suppose before I apply for Hendry’s job I should
brush up on my typing/spelling skills!

joey…i agree it would be nice to look into the farm system and see some nice hitters like Theroit and Soto(last year anyway) coming up insted of just power arms that last for a few years and die out.

In the immortal words of Ron Santo…”You’re exactly right mlbfanwi”. Now, when we do get a good, young hitter Hendry’s afraid to mix things up, turn the roster over and trade veterans like Lee while he can still get SOMETHING for him, of course what HE would manage to get is questionable. So that leaves Haufpauir on the bench in a postion for nothing but failure. If Hendry was in charge during Grace’s call up he probably would have traded him
for some journeyman. Pretty sad that Grace was the last
solid hitter brought up, no offense against Theriot but I’m talking about a consistent, high average, decent RBI guy.
So, Josh Vitters can stay in the minors because of Ramirez still earning his keep, but the left handed bat needed in the lineup is riding the bench because of Hendry’s reluctance to somehow move Lee. I’m not a Lee basher, I JUST PREFER YOUNGER BETTER HITTERS WHEN THEIR RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

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