4/26 Lineup – third base

Sorry — listed both Miles and Fontenot at 2B. Fontenot is at 3B, Miles at 2B.

— Carrie Muskat


That’s terrible Miles is starting. Absolutely terrible. 85% of the time that’s an automatic out. So it’s 6 hitters vs 8 hitters when Miles and Lee are in the Lineup.

That’s terrible Miles is starting. Absolutely terrible. 85% of the time that’s an automatic out. So it’s 6 hitters vs 8 hitters when Miles and Lee are in the Lineup.

That’s terrible Miles is starting. Absolutely terrible. 85% of the time that’s an automatic out. So it’s 6 hitters vs 8 hitters when Miles and Lee are in the Lineup.

Well, what do you expect Lou to do? Start DeRosa? HA!

No kidding. This guy has comments on every article and each one is just DRIPPING WITH INSANITY. I submit that this person is either a) mentally handicapped or b) actually a Cardinals fan mocking Cubs nation. If indeed b is true, I actually tip my hat at the brilliance. A TAD overdone, but still…comedy gold.

sorry about the triple post my cpu was running slow. If you actually think Miles is good, then your mentally retarded. To think people actually think Miles is better then DeRosa. When the fact that Miles is a career bench player and DeRosa has been good everywhere he’s ever played. The fact of the matter is Miles should NEVER start EVER. Lee needs to be out of the lineup for that matter too. Hoffpauir has done nothing but hit. He makes on error in one game and Piniella takes him out. Lee is overrated.

About my user name. I made it when the 3 were on the Cubs. Only Prior and Sosa were Failure. Wood had a good comeback

What happened to our suposed slugging line up… I thought we picked up Bradley to add a better stick to the line ? At this point we gave a better hitter to open up the salary to get him. No, I wasnt talking about DeRo although I think thats a huge part of what we are missing. I was referring to J.Marqus loose. Even as a pitcher with few at bats he was hitiing 190 points better than Milton.. Lee had started to come around. Miles shouldnt be playin on most high school teams ! What we need is a large enough dose of monistat for a 40 PERSON roster.. Maybe that could cure the large case of acute vaginosis we’re suffering from. I’m huge cubs fan and have been since 86′ but I’m frustrateed due to the incredible ability to under achive so far this year . Lou pull your head out your *** and put a foot in your players !

Wrigleyvilleusa, who is “this guy” you are you referring to?

Here’s what happened to our slugging lineup:

Nobody told Hendry Bradley is a DH or DL waiting to happen, he must have thought the A’s played him in the outfield for most of last season and not at DH.

Hendry traded DeRosa for 3 minor league pitchers to avoid having DeRosa walk in his free agent year, substituting him with Fontenot. BAD MOVE Jim.

Hendry couldn’t bring himself to eat most of Lee’s contract like he did with Marquis’ and THEN Vizcaino’s so that meant he couldn’t unload him to another team which forces the left handed bad Lou craved (Haffpauir) to the bench because nobody has the stones to bench Lee even during a prolonged slump. BAD (NON-)MOVE Jim.

Soto isn’t hitting, mabe the pitchers are figuring him out, maybe he’s behind bcause of the WBC. Can’t pin this one on Hendry, gotta give Soto some time to respond.

Soriano isn’t in his prime like when he played for some of his previous teams, even though he is hitting he won’t be the juggernaut Hendry mistook him for. BAD MOVE Jim.

Ramirez is a little older and a little more prone to injury and day to day challenges that come with aging. Hendry must have seen Benjamin Button too many times and thought Ramirez was getting younger. One of Hendry’s better if not only good trade, but the TRADING OF DEROSA hampers Lou’s options at third WHEN Ramirez is hurting.

Fukodome may turn around and be a good hitter, but he won’t be a tremedous OFFENSIVE IMPACT. Again, Hendry signing somebody entering either the downside of their career or approaching a ballplayer’s golden years.

I was referring to that Ann Coulter-esque NUTJOB, sosapriorwood. And like I said in another post, some of Hendry’s moves have confounded me as well, but to call ANY of them a good or bad move in APRIL just speaks to how low the level of intelligence is in this forum.

In April? I called the Bradley move bad when he signed him.
THAT move didn’t confound you? You couldn’t have possibly thought Bradley was a better alternative than Ibanez or Abreu? Bradley IS a very good hitter but his chances of playing regularly are not as good in the National league as they are in the American leauge. But what do I know…being just 5 years old.

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