When it rains, it pours …

Derrek Lee had to come out of Sunday’s game after hitting a double in the three-run first inning. As soon as we get an injury update, we’ll pass it on. Losing Lee leaves the Cubs with Koyie Hill and Joey Gathright as the only 100 percent healthy players on the bench. If needed, Carlos Zambrano may have to pinch-hit.

— Carrie Muskat


Well, it’s too bad that Lee finally started to hit the ball and then gets an injury. But at least now we can see what Haufpeur can do at the position he actually plays (not right field where he struggled last week – what a boneheaded move that was).

Let’s see how many injuries does this team have? And how many are actually on the dl? What are we waiting for…another unsuccessful run for a title?

Best thing for the Cubs is to get Lee out of the Line up for a month or 2. Hoffpauir is clearly the better hitter. He’s hitting .350 compared to Lee’s .207. It’s a no brainier there. And when and if Lee comeback keep Hoffpauir in Right since Bradley is a bust.

LOL. Sosapriorwood….you are HILARIOUS, bro. I mean just gut-busting hilarious. I don’t know what’s worse….your change-direction mentality in APRIL or the fact that your user name is a lovely combination of three “heroes” who were all eventual huge failures. Hoffpauir is a great back-up – Lee is the better FIRST BASEMAN – since you forget that hitting isn’t the ONLY part of baseball. You apparently also forget that it’s APRIL, and basically NOTHING that is happening in April is happening in September. The 2003 Florida Marlins were 19-29 in MAY and…oh…I think they WON A WORLD SERIES! Stop being a Cubs fan! Fans like you bring down the overall intelligence level of our fanbase TOO MUCH. Please!


wrigleyvilleusa now I see why so many people wonder about you…

Being a ‘better first baseman’ is more than just stretching and catching the ball. It’s a whole package. I really want to see what Hoffpauir can do. We’ve heard he’s great so now let’s see what they’ve been talking about in the minors.

By the way, if you don’t fix what’s ailing you in April it’s bound to come back and bite you in the a## in September!

Cubbeeblue, you are right AGAIN, EVERYBODY should realize you need to get offensive production from your two
infield corners, especially FIRST BASE, which is considered
THE spot to put aging, but OFFESNIVE players or defensively challenged players that can hit. Go around all of baseball and you will find a majority of first basemen that are FIRST offensive, and then FORTUNATLEY defensive.
A FEW stand out as BOTH. It may be April in a baseball season, but it’s September in Lee’s career.
He certainly won’t return to his 40+ homer years, their behind him and it would be wise (and miraculous) of Hendry to un-load him. It should have been Lee, not DeRosa as we DO have a viable replacement for Lee (Haffpauir) and did not have one for DeRosa. (Fontenot? Miles? C’mon Jim!!)
I wouldn’t go as far as to call Bradley A BUST, he is however
a sub-average defender and should not have been a target of Hendry’s, but that seems to be his motus operandi.
There is no way I would insert Haffpauir in right over Bradley. We have to live with Bradley’s sub-par defense just like we have to live with Soriano’s sub-par defense and hope they both hit. Hendry is hitching his cart to these two guys’ offensive talent, not even considering their lack of defense or chances of injury.

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