26th man

The Cubs are carrying an extra outfielder, not an infielder. Have they considered switching that, considering the injuries?

“If [Aramis Ramirez] was healthy and didn’t miss any games, guys would be getting a day rest more here or there,” general manager Jim Hendry said. “Obviously, you want ‘Ramy’ playing at the 140, 145 [game] mark. Obviously, it’s imperative he’s healthy. We never assumed the club we’re going to break with is the 25 you’re going to go with [at the end].

“If there comes a time when we need to go with an infielder and one less outfielder, that may come down the road. Who knows?” Hendry said. “The same thing with 12 pitchers. You’d like to have a stretch where everybody is throwing well down in the pen. You have to let it play out. When we left camp, we knew we wanted to do it this way and if this way doesn’t work, you adjust on the fly.”

— Carrie Muskat


Jim….I hope you are gone soon. Good job using this payroll to put a winning team on the field. How bout that bullpen? What a joke. Adjust on the fly? Really that’s how your running this team. A team that is built to win NOW and your adjusting on the fly? WOW!!! Just in case you haven’t looked your great “offense” is awful. Bullpen is awful(understatement). And you are under .500 and 5 games out. Everytime I watch a starter get pulled I know that walks and worse yet runs are coming. The biggest cheer on the night…when the Bulls won. I have tickets to games this weekend and I am not looking forward to it at all.

mlbfanwi, I echo your hope of Hendry being gone soon.
How can anyone argue with you? He came so close the past two years (despite his strange moves and because of Pinella’s field managing) and in one off season his confounding, inept ability to evalute his own staff or free agents rears it’s ugly head AGAIN. Note to Lou: Soto is not performing so you give him some bench time in favor of Hill,
nice move, keeps the bench active, gives Soto some TIME ON THE BENCH maybe to sort things out, whatever…we all know you really want some more procuction from the catcher’s spot…doesn’t that hold true for Lee and Haffpauir as well? You are now down to one viable positon for Haffpauir and that’s first base. What better time to get him at least SOME playing time?

I think it’s time for an investigation. As mlbfanwi says Hendry used the payroll to put a winning team on the field. I say he blew that payroll and is doing everything he can to LOSE! You’re right, what Bullpen? You call that a bullpen? It was embarassing last night! We wasted so many good efforts…Theriot on base and no outs and all we get is Fukodome (who told him to try to bunt, anyway) striking out, followed by (yes, we all knew it was coming) a Lee strike-out.

dafish is right, too. Get Lee som bench PULEAZE! Let’s see that kid (Haffpauir) get a few starts in a row at his position (not in the outfield).

Pinella should get an award at the end of the year for working with this mess! Let’s just hope it doesn’t implode and take him along!

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