5/1 Quick hits

Aramis Ramirez was available to pinch-hit but Lou Piniella could not give a date as to when the third baseman could return to the Cubs lineup. Ramirez has been bothered by a strained left calf, injured one week ago in St. Louis. He did workout at third base on Friday.

* Derrek Lee shouldered a lot of the blame for the Cubs’ struggles after Thursday’s game. “He shouldn’t really,” Piniella said. “It’s a team. I know he’s struggled, but it’s still a team. This is not like golf where you can control your own destiny by yourself. You’ve got 25 people, and you win as a team and lose as a team.”

* Piniella and pitching coach Larry Rothschild have discussed the large amount of walks being issued lately. Cubs pitchers have walked 92 in 21 games, Only the Washington Nationals have issued more (96).

* It’s only May 1. When is it no longer early or late?
“That’s a good question,” Piniella said. “It depends on the standings in the division. You certainly don’t want to lose contact with the teams ahead of you. But at the same time, until you straighten your own situation out, you should forget about what everybody else is doing. Better worry about yourself and try to win ballgames and get back on track.

“It’s late when you’re eliminated,” he said.

* April showers: The Cubs finished the first month 10-11, batting .246 with 25 homers and a team ERA of 4.70. Last year, they went 17-10 in April.

* Friday’s Marlins starter, Graham Taylor, is only the third lefty the Cubs will face. So far, they’re winless vs. a southpaw.

— Carrie Muskat


Right Lou, it is a TEAM, and when someone is struggling, I don’t know, maybe a TEAMMATE (Haffpauir) can get a little time in some games in place of…He Who Struggles.
I’m starting to think Hendry is starting to rub off on Lou or has infected him with the dreaded “inept GM flu”.

“Piniella and pitching coach Larry Rothschild have discussed the large amount of walks being issued lately. Cubs pitchers have walked 92 in 21 games, Only the Washington Nationals have issued more.” Duh! Really?!! the’ve discussed it. Well, that makes it all better.

Now let’s play some real baseball!

Hey guys:

Emblematic of Congress, it seems as though Hendry and the Cubs Management are not listening to their “fans” and “emotional shareholders”.

I am a lifelong die-hard Cubs fan, and I am finding it very hard to like this team. I was praying that we would not sign Milton Bradley – and Hendry did. I would have rather relied on one of our young guns (ala the Braves/Marlins – other SUCCESSFUL organizations). I would have rather kept Wood – maintaining a good bullpen. I was fine with the Heilman trade, and was appalled by the DeRosa trade. The little we got for DeRosa we traded away with Cedeno for Heilman.

I absolutely can not stand Milton Bradley and was stunned that we went down that road. So atypical of the Cubs.

If we HAD to sign a left handed RF, why not Ibanez???????????? Why not Abreu???????????????

They have Bradley in EVERY category. Sportsmanship, health, average, CONSISTENCY.

Mr. Brenly, I would like your TRUE opinion on this all. I can’t stand the paranoid political correctness of Len. I understand why you do it Mr. Kasper, but come on. Model after Harry Caray. Criticize a call…question a managerial move…..something…….once.

I love Lee as a person, but his homeruns are Warning track flyballs. Therefore, I cheer for him when he hits one of those – because THOSE are now his home runs. Trade him for a solid lefty in the bullpen. Cut Bradley because no one wants him. Put Hoffpauir at 1B, bring up Jake Fox, and interchange Reed, Fukudome, Fox in Center and Right.

O.K, the comments by npa prove this: Hendry is slowly but surely driving well-intentioned Cubs fans insane. Although I do agree with MOST of what npa has to say, he/she has clearly been driven to the edge by Hendry. Keeping Wood would have at least shored the bullpen even if he would have lost the job to Mamol, bringing Gregg into the bullpen would have made more sense if he was AN ADDITION, not a SUBSTITUTE. I didn’t realize we traded Cedeno AND some or all of the guys to Seattle for Heilman? I didn’t mind Heilman joining the club but if Hendry had the trade of DeRosa in mind just to acquire players to get Heilmann…yeesh, he’s even worse than I thought.
I think Brenly is pushing his criticism as far as he can without ticking the “powers that be” off.
Actually I just may have agreed with ALL of npa comments.
See Jim, you are driving us all to the point of no return.
BREAKING NEWS!….Haffpauir just entered the game as a pinch hitter, knowing Hendry if Haufpauir doesn’t drive in a run that’ll be the end of him…”well we gave the kid chance but there was no where to play him so we traded him to blah, blah, blah, believe me it was best FOR HIM to get a chance with another organization, just like Wood, and Weurtz and….and…and… ” SHUT UP AND LEAVE JIM!!!!

Wait for it…Micah’s count is 2 and 0….wait…now it’s 2 and 1…wait…POP FLY, 2 outs…there goes his Cubs career as I’m sure Hendry’s looking for a team to trade him to as I type. Hmmm maybe Baltimore, you think? For um, um, Pie!!
or Rich Hill!! Wait a minute! Who does Jacue Strap Jones play for now? Maybe Hendry can PRY him away with a sweet deal including Haffpauir and Vitters. Atta boy Jimmy!

Amen I say to you NPA, amen.

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