Hot corner

Koyie Hill was inserted into Thursday night’s game at third base in a defensive switch, the first time the catcher has ever played infield in a Major League game. Hill had taken grounders at third in St. Louis in case he was needed and on Friday morning, he was working with coaches Alan Trammell and Ivan DeJesus at the hot corner. Hill did play third in college. That’s it.

— Carrie Muskat


If you listened to the game last night you could almost hear the fear in Len and Bob’s voices when they discussed this. Yeah they were trying to talk themselves into it all being okay since Hill had played in college and was converted to catcher years ago. Hmmm didn’t we have a really good back-up last year? He played third pretty well. Wow, I think this guy played the middle infield, too. Even caught a few balls in the outfield. Whatever happened to that guy? Anyone know whom I’m talking about?

Wonderful, NOW I understand why Hendry traded DeRosa, it all makes sense…we have on our roster a .290, 80 RBI, solid defender to spell Ramirez at third and Bradley in right AND play 2nd…wait a minute, those are DEROSA’S qualifications not Hill’s. Let’s see, Hill…good back up catcher, wonderful comeback story, NOT an experienced third baseman, NOT an experienced second baseman, NOT a capable right fielder…yep, I want Hendry running my team any day of the year. Lou’s been put in tough spot by Hendry’s moves and has still kept this team around .500.
But even Lou’s skills may not be enough to compensate for this latest Hendry roster.

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