5/3 Zambrano update

Carlos Zambrano could miss his next start after suffering a strained left hamstring Sunday. Zambrano was injured in the fifth after he hit a bunt single. He stretched with his left leg to reach first base, and came up limping. Big Z was to undergo an MRI Sunday night, and Lou Piniella said they’d know more on Monday. Asked about Zambrano’s next start, which would be Friday in Milwaukee, Piniella said it’s in doubt.

“I would say right now that’s in jeopardy, and if I had to guess, I’d say no,” Piniella said.

Expect the Cubs to call up a Minor Leaguer if needed.

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Expect the Cubs to call up a minor leaguer if needed?
Didn’t we Cubs’ fans expect a minor leaguer called up WHEN NEEDED to either fill-in for Ramirez or at least fill-in as a pinch hitter (Fox)??? What’s to stop Hendry from forcing Lou to pitch Gathright in Zambrano’s spot since Gathright has recenctly proven his baserunning ability was hugely over-rated by Hendry so he might as well try pitching! Getting picked off first base and oversliding 2nd on what would have been a successful stolen base. Good job picking this guy up Jim, he is SO MUCH BETTER than Pie, the only difference is you actually are paying Gathright MORE MONEY than Pie would have received. They both don’t hit well but at least Pie would have saved you money that could have been spent on some bullpen help. Once again Hendry makes a move that is either lateral or detrimMENTAL to the roster.

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