Break in the action

I’m missing the Milwaukee series, and can only watch highlights/lowlights on the video clips. Wasn’t surprised at Ryan Freel trade (shows how much they miss Mark DeRosa). The injury to Aramis Ramirez will definitely be a big blow unless players like Milton Bradley and Geovany Soto step up. I’ll be back Monday.

— Carrie Muskat


The light hitting Freel will not help the Cubs for the duration of 4-6 weeks. Ramierz was the only reliable RBI guy in the entire line-up. Hendry should package some people and get a reliable 3B/OF, or the Cubs will be out of it by the time Ramierz returns. Where is the offense coming from? Soriano and Theriot? This could ugly fast. The Cubs starting pitching was so good last year, because the Cubs led the world in run production. This is the last year of Pinella’s contract, is it not?

I’m so saddened by the performance of the entire Cubs club…they appear to have lost their spirit…I do believe the loss of DeRosa has a lot to do with it…he was the modern day “Mr. Cub”…embracing the whole spirit of what it means to be a Cub,he was a fan favorite,a force in the clubhouse, and ready in a pinch to play whatever,and wherever Lou asked him to be.Now that the Cubs seem to be dropping like flies with injuries,we never needed him more….I’ve been watching DeRosa, with the Indians,his spirit is lost, as well, with them…it’s like watching a lost child…When I was a child,and I spilled milk,my mom made me take responsibility and clean it up…I think it’s time Jim Hendry take responsibility for his mess,and clean it up…maybe Lou should send him out to third base and have him cover while Aramis is out…..

I agree about DeRosa and DEFINATLEY about Hendry cleaning the mess HE CREATED, although I would be happier if someone else cleaned up the mess Hendry created by first REPLACING HENDRY. We have no choice but to get past the DeRosa trade, I’ve always liked him but this should not be the one thing that takes this team down. Hendry needs to step up, realize his mistakes and ATONE for them with some smart deals, especially with Ramirez gone for an extended period. Freel was a “nice” move but only as an additon to the team with Raimirez healthy. We certainly can’t and shouldn’t blame Hendry for the Ramirez injury but he definatley shoulders the blame for lack of depth on this team, most glaringly the bullpen. Time is running out for Hendry and only he can save himself. I know I’ve been very hard on him but still hope he SOMETHING in mind to shore up 3rd base and the bullpen.

Letsplaytwo take a look at what a number of us posted on the 5/6 Samardzija post. You fit right in with our thinking. Hendry’s messed with this team and we’re all suffering with a lackluster bunch for 2009. Not sure this is gonna be the year (haven’t heard that one played on ‘gn radio, lately). It may take a long time to get anywhere near the team we had in 08.

Has anybody read the Chris De Luca column from yesterday’s Sun-Times? He is calling out Jim Hendry on some of his failed moves, notably the DeRosa “SHOCKER”,
and the Marquis “Bigger Blow”. Hats off to De Luca for such a direct hit to Hendry. And in today’s Trib Lou admits that
the although the Cubs have the same record as last year at this time…they are “FORTUNATE” to have be where they are. Everyone (like there are a lot of you, right) that thinks Hendry has done a good job to improve this team…must be related to him.

joyedafish, could you be talking about cubsfansincebirth79? I was thinking the same thing. How could anyone think hendry’s doin’ a good job and encourage him to do more (damage!).

It is strange that we’re in the same spot as last year with such a lackluster team. Maybe Lou can do well in spite of the lemons he’s been given – doubtful we’ll have lemonade, but who knows…

cubbeeblue, I think I was thinking of him/her from another comment regarding something like “Go Cubs and go Hendry!”??? Something like that, I think. Hey, I agree that Lou will have to reach deep inside this year more so than last year to make some lemonade….who to play at first, who to play at third, WHEN to rest Bradley, when and where to play the trifecta of Miles/Freel/Scales, decent players but too much the same, not the offensive pop Lou needs. I think this team is capable of making the play-offs with the proper bullpen tweaking and an UNUSUALLY good trade by Hendry. So far, as Lou stated…we’re FORTUNATE, which I think is his diplomatic way of saying “Despite the bone-headed moves by our GM, we’re not too bad!!!”
NOT a ringing endorsement.

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