5/11 Lee update

There are no plans to put Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee on the disabled list. Lee was examined by team orthopedic specialist Dr. Stephen Gryzlo, and has shown improvement since he was sidelined May 6 with the stiff neck. An MRI confirmed the bulging disk, and the medical team decided Lee did not need an injection. The Cubs also have ruled out any danger of long-term problems. Barring any setback, Lee could be back in the Cubs lineup Tuesday or Wednesday.

— Carrie Muskat


Hi, Carrie…

I’m confused. How can the Cubs rule out any danger of long-term problems when Derrek Lee still has a bulging disk? Isn’t a bulging disk, by definition, a long-term problem?


Carrie doesn’t state the medical professionals ruled out long-term problems, she stated THE CUBS ruled out long-term problems. Maybe Hendry did his own follow-up exam and mis-diagnosed Lee’s condition like he mis-diagnoses the talent in most of the players he acquires. Note I said MOST, not ALL so yes, I understand Marmol is good and Ramirez is good and Theriot is good and…well like I said MOST of the players he acquires. This is evident by the merry-go-round roster this early in the season. A long-term absence of Lee would be the least of Lou’s concerns.

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