Bradley suspension reduced to one game

Major League Baseball disciplinarian Bob Watson told the Cubs on Thursday that Milton Bradley’s two-game suspension has been reduced to one game, which he will serve on Friday. Bradley had appealed the suspension, which he received for making contact with home plate umpire Larry Vanover on April 16.

“I never get treated fairly — it’s just me,” Bradley said. “It’s exactly what I expected.”

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said he received an email in the seventh inning with the news. Bradley was not in the lineup for Thursday’s game.

“I personally don’t agree with that,” Hendry said of the suspension. “I didn’t think his actions warranted any suspension at the time and as weeks have gone by, I still feel that way.”

— Carrie Muskat


O.K. MLB prove Bradley wrong!! Jermane Dye gets a suspension for hitting an umpire with a thrown helmet that was clearly seen!!!

MLB definitely messed up on this one. He clearly didnt do anything to warrant a suspension. He said what he had to say (which was warranted cuz two of those calls were horribly blown) and then he went back to the dugout. He didnt throw equipment, he didnt throw a temper tantrum. But, it is what it is and its in the past. He has to serve his one game and move forward. Lets just hope he doesnt do anything else that the MLB offices can perceive as aggressive behavior. Like maybe just looking at the umpire wrong next time….

I agree with dcre13… To prove Bradley wrong then MLB should suspend Dye for his incident with the ump.
Both were upset with the call that lead to unintentional touches.

How could MLB suspend Bradley KNOWING that JIM HENDRY
FEELS Bradley’s actions did not warrant any suspensions???
Don’t they know who JIM HENDRY is???? He’s the GM that dumped DeRosa, his salary, his production, his versatility and his capability to play in almost ALL 162 games, in multiple postions in order to sign Bradley with his 30 million dollar salary, 3 year contract, limited range, one positon, questionable health, volitale dispostion, and the remote chance of him playing in 130-140 garme.

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