5/16 Lineup & Quick hits

It’s sunny but cool at Wrigley Field. The lineup is: LF Soriano, SS Theriot, CF Fukudome, 1B Lee, RF Hoffpauir, C Soto, 3B Fontenot, 2B Scales and P Wells.

* Bobby Scales is starting at second rather than third because bench coach Alan Trammell recommended the move, saying Fontenot is more comfortable at third. Lou Piniella will go with the hot bat. “If a guy’s hot and swinging the bat, we’ll play him,” Piniella said.

* This will be Randy Wells’ second start. “The secret for Wells is to throw strikes,” Piniella said.

* Sean Marshall is in the bullpen for the weekend, and will return to the rotation Thursday against the Cardinals. Plus, the Astros are batting .309 against lefties and .256 against right-handed pitchers.

— Carrie Muskat


Fontenot has a hot bat??? What game is Lou watching??

The hot bat reference was because of Scales, not Fontenot.

Yes the “hot bat” was about Scales, and my sarcastic reference was to Scales taking Fontenot job!

you got your groove on dagrove. Theese questions just emphasize the greater loss of DeRosa’s versatility. We’ve got no one in his league.

Soto’s gotta play, though. He needs to come out of this and he’s showing signs of doing just that. After being rookie of the year We need him to mature and learn how to come back from a rough patch. If we had a true back-up catcher I’d say fine, plattoon them, but we’re not there. If they give up on him they’ll mess with his head and we’ll have the same problems that are evident with the pitching staff here and in the minors.

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