5/16 Postgame notes

Kevin Gregg has a red mark from Hunter Pence’s single that struck the pitcher’s hand in the ninth on Saturday. No worries. “Hunter Pence is a wimp,” Gregg said. He was joking.

“When you take a four-run lead into the ninth — whether you score four or 14 — that should be more than enough to win a baseball game,” Lou Piniella said.

* Carlos Marmol has 11 holds this season, most in the Major Leagues.

* Ryan Theriot doubled in the first inning. Of his last 13 hits, nine have been for extra bases.

* Randy Wells has thrown 16 1/3 scoreless innings to start his Major League career, dating back to last year. All but one of those innings came with the Cubs, and it’s the longest scoreless streak to start a Cubs career since Jose Guzman threw 17 1/3 scoreless innings in 1993. Thanks, Elias Sports Bureau.

On Saturday, Wells held the Astros to four hits and walked three in six scoreless innings.

“Wells has pitched two outstanding games,” Piniella said. “He still doesn’t have a win. If he continues pitching like that, he’ll win quite a few games.”

* Alfonso Soriano has five game-winning RBI this year, and has hit safely in six of his last seven home games. He’s batting .323 in that stretch.

* The Cubs have won five in a row, their longest win streak since Sept. 10-16, 2008, when they also won five straight.

— Carrie Muskat


Even without these little irritating injuries the Cubs are missing DeRosa and Wood in a big way. They will not make the playoffs due to letting them go.

Is Kevin Gregg still injured? He had been working through an injury since the beginning of the season; he was just serving it up…how far was Berkman’s shot? This game was like a flashback to the Mets game when Dempster in relief gave up four to the Mets and beat the Cubs. Jeez, good thing that the Cubs won today’s game, I was expecting any minute for the Cubs fans to start littering Wrigley and who needs that! Houston has surprisingly put together a decent hitting ball club…there have some dangerous hitters; still no match for the Cubs. Lets go for the two game sweep and on to St. Louis. Go Cubs!

nothing special to say…just that i want Heilman traded before he does in Chicago what he did in NY…the signs are there ….God oh Pleeeeeease…lets trade this chump away!
ill take anything in exchange for this guy!

You can check THIS blog and see I made this comment back in March, and it still screams true.. The Cubs need a CLOSER!

Just a bad outing for Gregg, Lou should have pulled him quicker. He is not that great even when he has his stuff so I would keep an eye open for a real closer Hendry and some more quality bulpen members. Ask Mets fans how they feel about Heilman, enough said, he needs to go. Wells pitched another great game, got through some jams, and he should have got the win. I hope he has a spot with the Cubs now, drop Patton atleast and keep Wells, he is better than most of the bulpen pitchers.

I love it when peopel talk about how bad the cubs are and how they won’t make the playoffs. I wonder if they realize that the cubs are currently one game better than they were at this point last year. Not to mention half the team has been injured.

bigfan47…I think the sentiment is that the Cubs are currently LUCKIER than they are good, not that they are BAD. I think a lot of us Cubs fans realize that and realize Hendry is enjoying this “free pass” while they are playing above expectations during the injury to Ramirez and Zambrano. When all is said and done even with Ramirez and Zambrano back the division will be a dog fight when it should have been a cake walk, but Hendry tinkered WAY TO MUCH, and turned over too much of the roster and as usual mis-evaluated (????) the talent he acquired and let go.
It is so typical for Hendry to sign guys for the production they had earlier in their career, thinking that they will absolutley duplicate it for the Cubs even though they are older. I think the only player that he actually signed AT THE RIGHT TIME OF HIS CAREER is Ramirez, not enough to keep his job as GM of this team.

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