5/19 More quick hits

Randy Wells has impressed the Cubs in his two starts and will be in the bullpen through the weekend series in San Diego. Sean Marshall will start Thursday, and with Carlos Zambrano coming back on Friday, the next opening in the rotation will be May 26 vs. Pittsburgh. No word yet on who would make that start and it may depend on who is used the most in the next few days.

* More on Mike Fontenot, who entered Tuesday’s game 1-for-29 over his last nine games:

“If you want to look at at-bats that are worrisome, it’s Fontenot’s at-bats,” Lou PIniella said. “We haven’t seen a better approach. Gerald [Perry, hitting coach] and I talked and suggested a couple things to him. One, make sure he’s balanced up at home plate. Balance has a lot to do with it. We need for Fontenot to hit. We counted on this young man coming out of Spring Training.

“He started the season well and he’s gotten into a little bit of a funk and it’s lasted more than Fontenot would want it to last, or us.”

The Cubs began the season without much depth at third base, and with Aramis Ramirez out four to six weeks because of a dislocated shoulder, it shows.

“Our best option is for him to hit because he can hit with a little more power than the rest of these kids,” Piniella said. “We’re hoping he gets started and starts showing a propensity for better at-bats. Usually when you start seeing that, the average and production even out.”

* Something to watch Tuesday night with Ted Lilly on the mound: Left-handers are batting .174 (4-for-23) against him.

— Carrie Muskat



Tony Thomas is waiting for the call down in Tennessee if the Cubs need a 2B.

At this point, and with all the middling, run-of-the mill, similar part-time infeilders that Hendry has over loaded the roster with, Lou might as well throw darts at Scales, Fontenot and Miles to see who starts. Pretty sad when Miles or an 11 yr. journeyman minor leaguer are the best options for second base and fill-in at third base. Way to go Hendry. I hope he doesn’t screw around with one of his RARE, young, promising pick-ups in Wells likr he has with Samarzdja.

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