Minor matters – Snyder update

Iowa Cubs outfielder Brad Snyder injured his left wrist in the sixth inning Monday as he fell back to third base to avoid a tag.

On Tuesday, Jeff Samardzija gave up one run on four hits over five innings in Iowa’s 3-2 win over Salt Lake. Jake Fox had two hits, and was batting .431. Jason Dubois also had two hits, both doubles.

— Carrie Muskat


Uh…Jake Fox? Does Hendry even know he is on the roster?
Shouldn’t he be called up to take the spot of Scales? Or even Fontenot? I know Scales has been playing well but with Fontenot here and Miles here we have one too many light hitting infeilders and could really use some punch off the bench and start a platoon at first with Hoffpauir. Relax D. Lee fans…but it time to re-think D. Lee’s production, an occassional 4 for 4 day just isn’t going to cut it if he hangs around the Mendoza line. Do you think Lou will go much longer with .200 hitters while .300 hitters ride the bench?
Until Ramirez comes back he needs to go with the hot hands of Hoffpauir (over Lee), Scales (over Fontenot), Hll (over Soto) and get Fox on the bench (over either Miles or Fontenot). Just for while at least, or platoon some players with Lee, Soto and Fontenot. Just don’t hand these guys a starting role just because of their contract (Lee) or status (Soto rookie of the year & Fontenots good PREVIOUS SEASON). It’s NOW time to think outside the box while we miss Ramirez’s production.

i don’t know what it is,but i feel there is something going on inside the cubs team,i wonder if it is lou?i know crazy uh?,well what else could it be,i know we should let lee go,or trade him,he is hurting the team,and geo?,well something wrong with him,not ONE playerobtained in the off season is playing worth a damn,we had a better team last year by far,bradley has been a handicap,fontenot,belongs back in the minors,the brass better do something or we will end up in last place..

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