Peavy to Chicago?

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports a Chicago team is interested in Jake Peavy but it’s not the Cubs. It’s the White Sox. According to the report, Peavy met with Padres manager Bud Black late Wednesday to discuss a possible trade to the White Sox. The 2007 Cy Young award winner has a no-trade clause, and would have to give his consent.

The Cubs and Padres discussed a deal for Peavy in December, but Cubs GM Jim Hendry decided to end talks when he determined the price, in terms of personnel, was too high. Peavy’s contract will pay him $11 million this year, and he’s owed $15 million in 2010, $16 million in 2011, and $17 million in 2012. There is a $22 million option for 2013, with a $4 million buyout.

Peavy is 3-5 with a 3.82 ERA this year for the Padres. Starting pitching hasn’t been the Cubs problem; it’s been inconsistent hitting.

— Carrie Muskat


Nobody cares! Every day you make pointless blogs that nobody cares about. Peavy is washed up and can’t pitch on the road. The Cubs don’t even want him anymore. He isn’t even better than any of our starters. If you want to make a real blog, write about how we have a .300 hitter sitting on the bench for a guy hitting .230 just because he has a name. Incase you aren’t smart enough to figure out who I’m talking about, it’s Hoff and Lee. How did you get your job? Every day reading what you write is a joke. I wish I could get paid to deliever ignorant and false information every day.

Wow honestcubfan, who Sh1t in your cereal???

Whoa! honestcubfan, I agree with you on the Hoff/Lee thing but cut Carrie some slack…it’s just a story at a time when the Cubs are lackluster so it makes headlines. In fact the “non-trade” that Hendry decided to do when backing off the Peavy deal earlier is probably the one and only smart impact-type decision he has made this season. I really wouldn’t want to give up the few talented prospects we have for YET ANOTHER over-paid, over-rated player with a back-loaded contract handicapping this teams future as are the deals Hendry made with Soriano, Lee, Zambrano (yes kids, it’s a fact, Zambrano is NOT the lights out ACE Hendry thinks he is and yes, he IS OVERPAID with too lengthy a contract), Fukodome and now Bradley. I don’t think Hendry realizes year after year when he adds “the piece of the puzzle” needed to get us over the hump his previous “pieces of the puzzle” are now a year (or two, or three) older, a year slower, another year removed from their prime and the situation just keeps repeating itself, he just expects different results doing the same thing over and over again…INSANITY I think it’s called.

LOL…poor Carrie…but for real. Why is D-Lee starting all the time now? If he didn’t have a four hit game he would be under .200!!!! Good to see hes heating up but I can’t take swing and misses with the Lazy fly outs anymore. Enough is Enough. Also glad to see Peavy could go to Chicago on the South Side. I think he will be a good fit for them and would have been a bad fit for the Cubs. They don’t need starters. Get me one guy…just one who can come in the 7th inning and throw a strike without giving up 1-5 runs and Im happy.

I agree.. Hoff proved again last night that he should be in the lineup… Lee is a weak hitting first baseman anymore. If his neck is that bad.. do something about it! Jake Fox is tearing up AAA and Cubs org. insist Lee is some GOD. Time to cut your loses and figure out what is best for the team now.

I agree and have said it before…Lee is on his way down and out. Let’s see what Hoff-power can do when he’s in the line-up consistently. It’s just like Cubs management to either get a player who’s on his way to retirement or hold on to a guy who should be retiring. Can we get ahead of the curve once in a while?

Everyone seems to forget that Lee probably wins several games a year with his stellar defense. I would rather see Hoffpauir in right field instead OF Bradley and see what that does???

OH, and can anyone say Mark DeRosa??? We gave up arguably one of the best utility men in the game — for WHAT?

I for one haven’t forgotten about Lee’s defense, I have never questioned his stellar defense nor do I think a platoon of Hoffpauir/Fox would come CLOSE to Lee’s defense, I say SO WHAT. Maybe some people forgot about Ramirez being DL’d and what the Cubs need is some offense. I’ll take my chances with a combo of Hoff/Fox at first, it’s first base for crying out loud and we are not talking about Lee of old, if he was hitting a robust .275 we wouldn’t be having this debate.

Carrie, you’re doing just fine. Keep up the good work.

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