Peavy update #1

Looks like Jake Peavy will be starting Friday night against the Cubs, and not pitching for the White Sox. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a Peavy-to-White Sox deal is not imminent. The right-hander’s next start is scheduled for Friday night vs. Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs in San Diego.

The Padres and White Sox reportedly discussed a 4-for-1 deal, and needed Peavy’s consent to complete the deal. The Union-Tribune said the process had not gotten to that point.

White Sox pitcher Scott Linebrink told Chicago reporters Thursday he had spoken with Peavy on Wednesday about a possible trade. Peavy’s agent, Barry Axelrod, told that the pitcher has a “strong preference” to stay in the National League.

“If I had to make a bet on it, I would guess that Jake would say he’s not ready to take that step today,” Axelrod said. “But he wouldn’t necessarily preclude it at any time in the future.

“We aren’t hiding anything from anybody,” Axelrod said told “Jake has a strong preference to stay in the National League. He has a comfort zone there, he’s been successful, and he’s won a Cy Young Award. I don’t know that on May 21, that preference has eroded very much. From our point of view, we may say, ‘Let’s give [the Padres] more time and see if a National League team might step up over the next six weeks.”

— Carrie Muskat



Axelrod is hoping for an NL team to step up? Maybe it will be the Cubs but for different reasons than a NEED for starting pitching, it may be because there will be a NEED to prevent St. Louis or Milwaukee from getting him. Either way, if Hendry does pull a deal for Peavy I am hoping he doesn’t trade the entire farm system to get him. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if the next trade by the Cubs is made by a new General Manager! If Hendry brings up Jake Fox to platoon with Hoffpauir at first and replaces one of the four muskateers (Fontenot, Scales, Miles, Freel) with one or two significant run producers I may cut him some slack for TRYING, but this sitting on his hands letting Lou figure out how to score runs with NON-RUN SCORING PLAYERS is getting old.

Good one – four muskat-eers! Ha!

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