Fighting words

Ted Lilly was ejected from Monday’s game before the Chicago half of the fifth inning for arguing with home plate umpire Bob Davidson. Cubs starter Ryan Dempster appeared upset at some of the calls during his four innings against the Pirates and when Jose Ascanio took over in the fifth, the TV replays seemed to side with the Cubs pitcher, not Davidson, in terms of his calls. Lilly apparently said something from the dugout, and came onto the field to argue with Davidson between innings. Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild and manager Lou Piniella had to separate the pitcher from Davidson.

— Carrie Muskat 


Fire Cotts!

Good for you Ted! I think whoever monitors umpires needs to sit them down for a little one-on-one. Aside from the fact that their calls have been just plain WRONG lately – their attitudes bite. Whatever happened to the thick-skinned, really GOOD umpires that used to handle the games. I know some GREAT umpires have died in the last couple of years….maybe they should use videos of the games they called to assist this new, younger, “you hurt my feelings” crew in learning how to call a MAJOR LEAGUE game.

Although we all know that complaining to an ump about the strike zone will do more harm than good, especially for hitters such as Bradley, I do like the cut of your jib peggy_schmick and agree that at least some umps want to be “noticed” when they should just keep the game moving
and be as disciplined as past umps.

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