Milton Bradley's strike zone

Milton Bradley feels his incident with umpire Larry Vanover may have had a carryover effect. Vanover ejected Bradley in April, the two argued, and the result was a two-game suspension, which was reduced to one. Bradley told the Chicago Tribune he has been forced to chase pitches he normally doesn’t swing at because he feels his strike zone has been widened.

“There’s nothing good that come out of it,” Lou Piniella said of Bradley’s comments. “What we need Milton to do is get to the point where he hits the ball the way he has in the past. Getting on umpires is not a good solution.”

Bradley entered Monday’s game batting .188. He hit .321 last year with the Rangers.

“He’s a much better hitter than what he’s shown here early in the season,” Piniella said. “You look at his career and he’s hit everywhere he’s been. There’s no reason to assume he’s not going to hit here. He’s just gotten off to a slow start. I’m sure he’s a little frustrated about it. He’s a kid who wants to do well — a young man who wants to do well. He’s probably put a little undue pressure on himself. He just needs to relax and play and let his natural abilities take over and I think everything will be fine.”

— Carrie Muskat


Ya Milton…it has nothing to do with the fact that you take strikes down the heart of the plate only to swing at a ball in the dirt.

What a baby. Suck it up and read the pitches instead of swinging at garbage and watching the good ones fly by.

I agree, we as diehard fans have to suck it up when it comes to this confounding roster Hendry put together, INCLUDING BRADLEY (how about his attempted catch last night? Very athletic, skilled right fielder you got us Jimmy) so I think any player should suck it up and keep it zipped when it comes to the strike zone instead of compounding the issue. Speaking of catches, how about Miles’ attempted over the shoulder catch? Not an easy play but when balls hit the HEEL of your glove I would think they are catchable. And Hendry is paying higher salaries for these guys than if he just called up rookies which could have given us the same batting averages (or maybe better?) but allowed more money to be spent on the pitching staff. I mean come on, do we really need the likes of Miles, Fontenot, Scales, and now Freel? None of those players are good enough to prevent minor leaguers from advancing. I’m not clamoring for a bunch of call ups but it would be nice if somebody higher in the food chain insisted that the general manger, when signing free agents or trading for players, insist on getting more for the money and evalute the talent and production of who he acquires.

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