A little help from his friends

Milton Bradley credited Hall of Famer Billy Williams with getting him back on track at the plate, and teammate Reed Johnson for helping him get his head straight.

Bradley went 2-for-5 Monday in the Cubs’ 10-8 loss to the Pirates, hitting a two-run double in the third and a two-run homer in the fourth. It’s the first time he’s had four RBIs in a game since setting a career-high of six on Aug. 24, 2007, at Philadelphia.

The Cubs outfielder, now batting .198, was quoted in a Chicago Tribune story as saying he felt umpires were expanding his strike zone after his argument in April with umpire Larry Vanover that resulted in Bradley’s ejection and subsequent suspension. Lou Piniella was not happy reading Bradley’s comments and said Monday nothing good could come from that.

“Reed put his foot in my [butt] today — figuratively, not literally,” Bradley said after Monday’s game. “He got me back to where I needed to be. I talked to Billy and he told me a few mechanical things he saw and it was a good night. It’s a long way to go.”

Johnson wasn’t available for comment and Bradley said the advice was “between teammates.” As for hitting, Williams apparently looked at some of Bradley’s swings on the video and talked to the outfielder about making a few adjustments.

Getting Bradley on track is one step to getting the Cubs back on track. The losing streak is now eight games.

“We just have to bear down and be professional and make it happen,” Bradley said. “Nobody’s going to hold your hand. It’s a man’s game.”

— Carrie Muskat



I totally agree with Bradley’s last comment listed here. Have to say that I am not feeling the Freel…..missing the Mark – Mark DeRosa that is. PLEASE get him back Jim!!

Yeah, in trading for Freel Hendry just indicted himself for the blunder of trading DeRosa. We tend to keep bringing that up because it is such a blatant failure for this GM, but because of that we may not be noticing or commenting on I should say the horrible job Hendry has done with the rest of the roster, most notibly the bullpen. He way overanalyzed and obsessed overy the re-tooling of last years roster and pulled the trigger on some moves just for the sake of…well, making moves.

Well I think they are cutting payroll!!!Maybe they should have a fire sale and get rid of about half of those bums and start over again…. And believe me I’ve been a fan for a long time and I don’t think the Cubs organization wants to win!! You fans can say what you want but to me here lately it sure looks like the Cubs are tring to lose!!!!!!!!

These terrible moves continue to compound like a cancer spreads. I think they’ve already started the firesale, unfortunately they dumped talent instead of payroll.

We need Johnson to go around and kick some other players in the back-side and get their acts together. It’s embarassing the situation the front office has put the fans in. After the past two years of building and adding to good components, they’ve totally decimated this team. It’s hard to find more that one or two bright spots here. Last year the team was well-oiled and fine-tuned. This year it’s a bunch of has-beens and also rans.

Maybe Dempster’s outburst can be likened to the Barrett/Zambrano break-down and we can move forward. Only this time they shouldn’t trade away a player, but the GM.

Carrie… first of all, LOVE your stuff on our beloved Cubbies! You do great work and are usually unbiased!! But I do have a bone to pick.. sort of! Why is NO ONE reporting the lack of fundamental base running skills by a majority of this team, especially Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot??? In one week, Theriot was picked off first, thrown out trying to steal second by a city block and picked off third. And last night, again this fool runs on a ground ball to the shortstop that he KNOWS he’s supposed to hold on. As for Fontenot, either he runs when he shouldn’t or doesn’t when he should. My question is this… if WE can see this lousy base running… does LOU??? Or you???? And who’s handling the base running drills with these guys??? Dernier?? Quade?? Trammell?? Games can be won or lost on the base paths, so it’d be nice to see someone mentioning this!!!

The comment above mine is the first person I have ever seen say they like your work. Truth is Carrie, everyday you blog about stuff that nobody cares about. Your spring training articles were some of the worst I have ever read and now today, well let’s just say go back and read your article about Williams representing the Cubs in the draft haha lol. I really wish I had your job, write about complete bulls*** and also give us incorrect info and get paid for it.

In Tom Ricketts first 100 days as owner I want the following done….

Lou Pinella his entire coaching staff including Larry Rotschild handed there pink slips

Jim Hendry Handed his pink slip

Players named Aaron released

Milton Bradley released

The Jake Peavey trade completed…plans for a new ball park in the suburbs created and a plan in the offseason to sign Jose Valverde and hire a new beat writer who actually knows something and will answer questions from fans who care about the team and are not afraid to criticize the team

Most of it sounds good, but I doubt we’ll be making any trades when Ricketts is asking Hollywood stars for 50 million dollars because he doesn’t have it. I don’t think he’ll be able to take on any new contracts.

Most of it sounds good, but I doubt we’ll be making any trades when Ricketts is asking Hollywood stars for 50 million dollars because he doesn’t have it. I don’t think he’ll be able to take on any new contracts.

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