5/27 Freel update

Ryan Freel had to leave Wednesday’s game because of a strained left hamstring. Freel may have injured it when he slid after he rounded first base fourth inning. Freel had singled, and headed for second but then slid when he saw the ball ahead of him.

— Carrie Muskat

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Note to Jim Hendry: Strained hamstrings happen more often to old players. Thanks for getting Freel, wasting a roster spot and ignoring ANY ROOKIE IN THE SYSTEM THAT COULD HAVE BATTED FREEL’S ANEMIC .200 and maybe, just maybe….NOT STRAIN A HAMSTRING. Here’s an idea Jim:
SPEND YOUR EMPLOYERS MONEY WISELY, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY AND LET SOMEBODY WHO CAN EVALUATE PLAYERS TAKE OVER. Wait…this just in…D. Lee flys out to end the inning with RISP. Wait…THIS just in….Soriano commits a 2 base error on a routine single….GAME TIED! Way to go Hendry, got any other below average, free swinging DH’s in mind to sign for EIGHT YEARS…to play the outfield?
O.K. people if you think I’m blaming Hendry for SORIANO’S error (because, after all, errors happen…) WRONG, I am blaming Hendry for SIGNING people to play positons that they lack the talent to play. Soriano and Bradley would have to hit .330 and drive in 140 runs EVERY YEAR to offset there defensive liabilities…you think that’s gonna happen Jim? Jim? Hello, Jim???? You awake? Great we’ve got the mental case 18 million dollar Big Z tossed out of the game and the Big ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ snoring away in the GM post and asleep at the wheel.

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