5/27 Roster moves

Expect some roster moves by the Cubs Wednesday. Aaron Miles has been bothered by a sore shoulder since Spring Training, and may be placed on the DL. That would open one spot. The Cubs have been trying to get another bat in the lineup and Jake Fox, who is leading the Pacific Coast League in average, home runs and RBIs, was spotted at Wrigley Field. Also, lefty Jason Waddell was seen at the ballpark as was infielder Andres Blanco. Lou Piniella has not been happy with lefty Neal Cotts, who still has options left, and could be sent to the Minors. Stay tuned.

— Carrie Muskat


Expecting?? We’ve not only been expecting but WAITING, AND WAITING AND WATING….
Any subsequent roster moves will probably be played up as A GOOD JOB BY HENDRY in addressing the current issues with the team and what will be swept under the carpet is the fact Hendry put this team in this position in the first place and now he he has to correct his own screw up(s).
What a cush, secure gig this guy has. How would you like a job that WHEN you screw up, it only creates MORE work for you to do giving the illusion that you are not only needed but GOOD. As Ron would say…C’MON!!!

What is goin’ on here? – Ron

Well, Cotts is in the majors because of which hand he uses to throw, not because of talent.

“Um, yeah… sore shoulder, that’s it! Sore shoulder! – Aaron Miles

Today’s lineup…D. Lee is back in…clean-up. Great, let’s all HOPE he rebounds from a dismal last half of last season and a bad start to this year. Of course, WE CAN’T FORGET HIS AWESOME 7 GAME HITTING STREAK!!! WOO HOO!!! All is well again with D. Lee, he IS getting better and younger, just like Hendry KNEW. Thank goodness for Hendry and his super size baseball brain. And as we all HOPE (and wait) for D. Lee to return to HIS 28 YEAR OLD SELF, we’ll keep Hoffpauir and his GOOD, left handed bat on the bench. Pay no attention to HIS couple of hits and RBI last night, those DON’T COUNT when you have an aging superstar like Lee under a Hendry-type contract. And Miles’ shoulder has been bothering him SINCE SPRING TRAINING??!! Way to go Jim, keep ANOTHER player on the active roster while KNOWING he is not 100%…NOW bring up Andres Blanco, who by the way since you evidently did not attend any spring training games hit extremely well….didn’t you get the memo? You know, the one that said DON’T SPEND MONEY ON MILES, FREEL etc. as WE ALREADY HAVE MINOR LEAGUERS THAT CAN PERFORM AS BAD at less than hafl the salary…plus,now listen carefully Jim…they might even perform better…oh! end memo.

IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! Who cares if the Cubs don’t have a left hander if that left hander can’t get a lefty out? I would rather have Cotts come in and int. walk someone. Now too Aaron Miles. This guy bugs me more than anyone else on the team. As bad as Bradley is at least he shows signs that he can hit. How Miles has ever hit .300 is beyond me and his fileding is not that great. Glad to see this guy go away for a while don’t care what the reason is for.

I’m happy to see that I’m not the only Cubs fan that thinks Hendry is overrated. $140 mil payroll and still have no bench and a weak bullpen. I hope the Ricketts family sees what the rest of us do and get a real GM.

Hey Mr. Hendry, how does the Mark DeRosa trade look now?

Good blog today Carrie, but why Waddell? He is horrible. He is getting rocked in Iowa and they think he will be better in Chicago? He is a lefty and leftys are hitting over .300 against him in Iowa.

Cotts should have been booted a couple weeks ago! And I’m none too happy with Hendry either. Right on, joeydafish, he DID create some of these problems.

Kaplan had a blog post where he recommended that Hendry should get on the phone with Cleveland and beg to get DeRosa back. Not that that will ever happen, much as I want it to. And people thought DeRo was “overrated”? Puh-lease. We’re dying for a guy like him who can effectively move around the field and fill in injury holes. He did this all last year. I’ll NEVER understand what the heck Hendry was thinking getting rid of him!


Why Waddell? Why not give John Gaub from AA a chance? Just like the Cubs to pluck someone getting rocked at AAA instead of bringing up someone doing very well at AA. Why not use the talent you got for DeRosa?

It’s funny how quiet all the hoff fans were when he didn’t hit for two games. If hoff was so great he would have been a name in baseball a long time ago. Also since when does doing good in AA mean you will do good in the majors when you skip a whole level? When he is doing good in AAA and getting better hitters out then I’ll be impressed with Gaub.

Hendry you need to trade Lee and at least try to get some relief help out of him that way we can keep Hoffpaur in the everyday line up because we all know that he is better. We arent doing anything with josh vitters who is tearing it up at Peoria so why not try to trade him and some other young talent for Jake Peavy. Then you can have your left hander (Sean Marshall) in the bullpen. And of course i have to mention your worst deal of all time. Mark Derosa. What were you thinking? Do you honestly think that Ryan Freel can even compare to him? He sucks.

I don’t think you can blame how bad the Cubs are right now on Hendry. Almost all of the players are hurt, playing well below their average or both. Yes, some players need to go and we need to call up some people. The DeRo trade wasn’t anything we wanted to hear but buisness is buisness and we were going to lose him after this season anyway so we tried to get some talent for him but that hasn’t work out for the Cubs yet. If most of the players hadn’t gotten hurt this season their record would be much better and people wouldn’t be complaining as much. I think we should be excited that the Cubs have a .500 record and are only 4 games back. Be a real Cubs fan and wait a little while longer and see how the first half is going to pan out before you thro everyone to the wolves. Cubs will make the playoffs, no need to worry.

I think Jim Hendry has done a good job. He has brought us 3 trips to the playoffs sometimes the players have to do their jobs. The DeRosa deal had more to do with finances
& the sale of the team.
Now the other rooster moves you need to be on the 40 man squad to be promoted otherwise you need to waive
one guy off and may lose him.
Have you looked at Guzman ERA @ 3.60 20K’s in 20 innings seems to me he is doing a fine job.
It is true that Cotts should be gone but it might be Pinella’s
idea keep him here. Lou keeps using him not Hendry.
since Jim Hendry has been with the Team the talent in this Organization has become better & deeper
thanks for letting me vet

I still have a lot of respect for D Lee. His defense is solid and he can still hit well. The power is obviously down, but that isn’t too bad…I think moving him to 2nd in the order and putting someone else in the 3 spot could work. As for Miles and Gregg/ the rest of the bullpen, getting rid of DeRosa and Wood appears to be an awful decision! No one has the versatility of DeRosa and he was just an awesome player! Gregg has been playing a little better, but struggled early on. COTTS needs to go! I have been saying this all along. Who cares about having a lefty in the pen, if Cotts is the only option. He is TERRIBLE!

Let’s turn this season around and sweep the Pirates, so we can go into the Dodgers series on an upswing. This team is worth too much and in my opinion, too good to be doing this poorly. Plus, I don’t want to see the Cardinals win the NL Central again, I hate the Cardinals. Pujols has to be on roids!

Dear Aramis, PLEASE get better soon! Why do baseball players get hurt so often? It seems like the Cubs have a player hurt every other day….

“GO Cubs Go”….I would love to hear that song again!

First of all you cant call your self a cubs fan if you dont complain. Second of all yes hendry did get us to three playoffs buy how many World Series have we won. 0

Seriously folks – lets take a step back for a minute. Now I loved DeRosa just as much as anyone else, but to look at his stats right now and the salary he received (and did I mention his age) and it looks like a pretty smart move when you take the emotion out of it. You cannot keep everyone year-over-year while trying to secure top talent with long term contracts. Are Miles and Freel any more than a simple short term stop gap, probably not. If you recall, Hendry did make decisions to walk away from once highly touted prospects that couldn’t deliver (reminder: PIE and HILL) – not to mention relievers that weren’t reliable. Now to DLee… Nice guy, great defense, but his offense isn’t what it has been and I would like to see Micah get some consistent ABs. Lastly, Neal Cotts – what do you expect when you trade for a White Sox player.

Great to see Jake Fox getting called up. I think he will be a big assest to the Cubs.

I am in total agreement concerning Neal Cotts. His record of performance speaks for it’s self. The Cubs released Scott Ere last year for doing the same type of performance. It is high time for him to be either released/send down to the minors and get some one else to do the job. In my opinion the Cubs need two good quality left handed relief pitchers in the bullpen. This will give the manager more flexibility in making late inning pitching changes. If Lou only has one left hander he is limited on when and how he can be effictively used in key game situations. I also think it is high time the Cubs are allowed to play night games on Friday. Every other team plays their games on Friday @ night. It will make the Cubs more competitive. What is the deal with WGN only carrying only two or three games a week. Us life long Cub fans who live outside the Chicago area only get to see the Cubs on a hit or miss times. What is up with ESPN this year. Those good looking girls have not been on one game this season that has been carried by ESPN. It was something I always looked forward to when ESPN would carry a game to see a very pretty face and hear a very soft spoken voice.

I’m not pleased either with the front office since last october. One mistake after another. Allthough admittedly, many guys in the bullpen I expected to do better as well.
Heilman was good for several years before leading the terrible ’08 Mets bullpen, so expecting a rebound season wasn’t too big of a leap.
Gregg had the most blown saves of any closer last season, but besides the fact that he seems like an arrogant idiot, he did have very similar stats to Kerry Wood last year. So that could have worked out better as well (and still could).
Cotts was at least doing ok last season, so I didnt expect this performance either.
But why pay viscaino 4 mil and release him? Why send Patton out there again and again just because he had about 10 excellent innings in spring?
Really the only guy who performs well is Guzman (yes, BOBCATBREEZY, Guzman is the best guy in the bullpen so far).
And besides the bullpen issues, the DeRo trade was the worst descision of course, but everybody knows that now.

Heilman is the new Howry. Cotts needs to go, but I don’t blame him as much as Piniella for continuing to use him. I think this lefty vs. lefty is overrated (at least it is with the lefties the Cubs have had except for Marshall). As for Guzman, he’s doing much better. He should have been coming in recently instead of Heilman

The Reason WGN National is limited by Major League baseball on how many games televised Nationally.
The Cubs cannot play Friday Night game because the Neighborhood won’t allow it. Chicago has a Law that not allows only so many night games & NO Friday Night Games.

First of all enote89, the Cubs can’t sweep the Pirates, they already lost the first game of the series and second herkyhawkeyes, Hendry has brought the Cubs 0 world series championships but you can say that for about 85% of active GM. If you know where we can find one that will guarantee a championship in his first couple years, let me know.

Okay, so I agreee tha everyn needs to take a step back and relax. We are sitting at .500 and I hate to say it I’m happy. A-Ram hasn’t been in the lineup, and we cant seem to provide much offense. Hmm, surprise surprise. D-Lee hasn’t bee able to step up and get the offense going like he should being such a team leader. Cotts has been overpitched, but he can’t cut it as a situational lefty. We really could use getting Marshall in the pen. I’m banking on getting Peavy. The bats will turn around, people will get better pitches when A-Ram comes back. Patience.

The best thing the New Management can do is Move out Of Wrigley Field ( Use it for Class A Team move them from Peoria). Build a Stadium for the current game.

Look, Hendry has made some moves in the past that got the Cubs to the playoff level finally and If we just came off of an 8 game win streak everyone would be loving him right now, but, I think Hendry’s major flaw is that he set’s up his team based on hope instead of reality! What I mean is when we broke camp to start the season we all had the same concerns, I hope Dempster can repeat last years performance, I hope Fontenot can handle a full time role, I hope Harden can pitch more then 20 games, I hope big Z can keep his head on straight, I hope Lee and Fukudome bounce back, I hope Gregg can really close ball games, I hope Soriano stops hopping for fly balls and pulling his hammy, I hope Bradley doesn’t kill an ump or fan! There were way to many question marks coming out of camp for this team to live up to the hype.
Hendry (or whoever is next after he is fired when we don’t make the playoffs this year) needs to focus on bringing in gritty, proven ballplayers with consistant performance backgrounds and for Gods sake please bring in someone who can hit with runners in scoring position or bases loaded and Jim if your reading this and thinking about trying to make a push yet this year try this, trade Marshall,Koyie hill, and the 3 pitchers you traded DeRosa for and Hoffpauir for Peavy (yep still hoping) and Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres. Then you get a front line starter to anchor our shaky staff and a guy who can actually hit in the clutch and be the future at 1st base. Even if we start winning and do get into the playoffs we need to make some moves because if we can’t stop a sweep by the Cards or Padres or lose 8 in a row to subpar teams we will once again fold like a lawn chair in the playoffs and I can’t stomach that for a 3rd year in row! Just my thought’s!!! Thanks!

What we need to do is trade or offer back David Patton, I like Patton he has a bright future, but however not this year. We cant have him develop in the minor leagues because he’s a rule 5 pick. Then after he offer him back to the Rockies or trade him we then could call up the guy from the DeRosa trade Jeff Stevens who is on a tear with the Iowa Cubs with a 0-1 record and a 1.74 era!!

DeRosa trade wasn’t very good, but I would like to see what Brad Snyder could do the next time Milton goes on the DL. And Jeremy Stevens was doing much better than Waddell in AAA. Pretty sure he was part of the DeRosa deal as well. I have been hearing rumors of Samardzija to Baltimore for Roberts and a Pitcher. i can’t believe we could get 2 players for Samardzija. If that deal is out there. Pull the trigger. See if they will throw in Jake Arrieta or Brian Matusz.

Then as soon as we get a good pitching prospect, let’s trade them with another good middle infielder (Cedeno) to Washington to get another terrible middle reliever. Why did we get Heilman?

Everyone calm down. Things have gone about as bad as one could expect a quarter through the season. Let’s review shall we?

-Bradley, Soto, Lee, and Fontenot have all been hitting at or below .200.

-Zambrano and Harden have been on the DL

-Cotts and Gregg have struggled

-Ramirez is on the DL for an extended stay

Ok, so most of these things will be rectified in one way or another. Those guys are better hitters than that, and the injuries will heal with time. The roster is evolving, and it is great to see Cotts on a bus to Des Moines, and even better to see Jake Fox at Wrigley.

Not having Mark DeRosa is not why we are where we are. Poor RISP averages (we routinely strand a dozen runners) and crap middle relief has done that to us. People will pick up their games, and we will be laughing about this stuff at a later date.

Cmmarce-couldn’t the same be said for D. Lee (keeping HIM year after year?) and some other players and THEIR age? It still seems to me Hendry chose the wrong “talent” to trade at the “wrong time” If his mission is to rebuild the organization by acquiring youth then he should come out and say it and unload other player not just DeRosa. But he isn’t, he is still claiming to go for the World series and he thinks SWAPPING talent (DeRosa for Bradley) is the way to do it and rebuild with youth at the same time? Bradley’s numbers (career) don’t justify drooling after him. You just don’t do this move if you have the World Series in your sights.
Bhartz13-I won’t and don’t blame Hendry for any INJURY, but how about having players that he KNEW were susceptable to injury (Ramirez, to some degree) and THEN acquiring Bradley who EVERYBODY knows has a history for injury, and not only that, the two of them (Ramirez and Bradley) play in THE TWO POSITIONS THAT DEROSA NOT ONLY PLAYED BUT PLAYED WELL. Almost as good as Ramirez and BETTER than Bradley. And to be a REAL Cubs fan we have to wait “a lttle longer”???? C’MON!!!!!!!!!!!
We ALL think we’re REAL Cubs’ fans regardless of our opinion. I think you are a REAL Cubs’ fan because you care enough to comment…. give us all “REAL” Cubs’ fans a break and never tell us we have to WAIT…that’s all we’ve ever done. Now I’ll wait for Hendry to go.
Mesedwardsco-Sometimes the GM has to do HIS job, and it’s about time the Cubs hire a GM to do THE job.

No way we get Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez. Padres are feeling they are contending this year. No way they give up a star pitcher AND someone sharing the MLB lead for HRs

COTTS shouldn’t be anywhere that doesn’t begin with Des Moines!!! This guy has ONE JOB, get lefties out. Can’t do it. And he hasn’t done it for two years! ENOUGH of that hack! The Cubs released Mike Stanton for this guy??? Stanton might have been 60, but he won 5 rings and can STILL get lefties out. As for Miles???? This guys numbers have always been misleading because of the amount of at-bats he’s gotten. Just like Mikey Fontenot. Project those numbers out after major league scouts and pitchers adjust and you get the HOT GARBAGE that is Miles and Fontenot!! You want call ups?? I’ll give you call ups!!! How about someone to replace Jim Hendry’s newest LOVE INTEREST Aaron Heilmann? What’s with BIG JIM and his infatuations??? All you need to know about Heilmann??? See… WOOD, PRIOR, FLOYD and FREEL. Jim has these man crushes on guys and signs them for large cash, low output! ENOUGH of that guy too!! Please…. let’s get some fresh arms up here!!

Why haven’t the Cubs brought up Vitters to replace Ramirez. He’s hitting the cover off the ball.

Still too soon for Vitters. No use panicking and throwing a young gy into the mix that isn’t ready.

Cotts, Heilman and Gregg all need to go….none of them has yet to prove ANY worth to the Cubs…Cotts can’t even get lefties out, time to cut ties here for sure, I never have had a positive feeling at any time this guy was on the mound, there is NO good reason to keep him on the roster at all!!!….Aaron Miles is a joke when compared to dero (both in the field and at the plate)…..but hey, derosa is on the trading block, maybe hendry can pull one off and get him back now that it is obvious to all just how valuable he actually was….Good to see Fox get the call up, but there are several players I would have rather seen sent down or cut to make room for him other than Scales, who was one of the only positive surprises this season…as for Bradley, I am not worried at all, he has great history and it is just a matter of time before he returns to form. For me the bat of D. Lee is a bigger concern. Since the wrist injury his average with runners on and his power have not been the same. Can you say warning track power, he hits more balls to the track than anyone I can recall. That said, I am still a Lee fan and hope he puts a great year together. Time to put together a winning streak! LETS GET SOME RUNS!!!

As I was previously saying. Would be really nice to have Ronnie Cedeno and Garrett Olson back from Seattle right now. They are probably still laughing at us for wanting Heilman. He tried really hard to be in the rotation, here and in New York. Once he gets relegated to the bullpen, that guy quits giving max effort. Let’s help him quit. Designate him for assignment.

Roster moves, eh? Maybe a trade. We’ve got a “utility” guy or two (Freel & Miles) that could be bundled, along with an American League lefty (Cotts) to get us a nice versatile player with a solid bat.

Hmm, now who’s an AL team going nowhere that might want to get rid of someone like that to start building for next year…? Cleveland, maybe? Anyone on the Indians’ team that we could use as a versatile inf/of with a solid bat in the middle of the lineup..??? HMMM?? Any names jump out at ya..?

How about those off season trades? Sure wish we had Derosa back! I think he had just as much influence in the clubhouse as he did on the field. His leadership and on base percentage is sorely missed!! In a clutch he is the one I would like to see at the plate along with a healthy Ramerez. Come on Cubbies, lets see if you can make a bumbling Jim Hendry look good!

mesedwardsco@aol.com, shut up about leaving wrigley. No real cubs fan wants that. Ever.

We should have kept DeRosa and Wood. Miles was a bum for St. Louis and Gregg is giving more ulcers than Kid K ever did.

I can’t wait for Wood to be back in Wrigley in a few weeks. The cheers will be deafening.

How about those off season trades? Sure wish we had Derosa back! I think he had just as much influence in the clubhouse as he did on the field. His leadership and on base percentage is sorely missed!! In a clutch he is the one I would like to see at the plate along with a healthy Ramerez. Come on Cubbies, lets see if you can make a bumbling Jim Hendry look good!

I’ve never been one to call for another’s job because we all make mistakes and you never know the difficulty of a job until you’ve performed it. It’s easy to run a fantasy team. But no doubt Hendry completely blew the Dero deal. Even if it brings prospects that all pan out into major league quality pitchers, the lack of depth on this team is alarming now. I thought when the trade was made that we would see the Peavy deal in a few days afterwards but I guess they just wanted Bradley so bad they were willing to give up Dero and Wood. A utility player with his ability is one of a kind and great teams need them (power, ability to drive in runs, and above-board defense at any pos.). I thought the way the Cubs used him over the past two years was something that made them so good offensively and something that was the envy of the rest of the league. Now when you lose Rami, Lee, Sori, or your right fielder is not hitting, the problem becomes more glaring because the back up is of such lesser skill. I still think this team will hit a stride and be competitive thoughout but unless the bullpen is tightened up and some of the young players on the farm come up and unexpectedly produce this could be a playoff-less season.

Also, remember when Ibanez and Bradley were bot available? I was hoping they would get Ibanez… and now check out his stats – 1.134 OPS, 17 HR, 44 RBI. Take away a few HR due to the Phillies ballpark and its still very ridiculous.

Marquez Smith needs to be called up from double A

Why does everyone want the same players back that got us nowhere the las 2 years come playoff time? Cedeno, Woods, DeRosa? I hate to burst anyone’s bubbles but they are not exactly lighting it up for their current teams. DeRosa is hitting .267, Wood has a 6.75 era while giving up 12 runs in 16 innings and Cedeno is hitting .188 appearing in only 16 games. Lets get some fresh faces in here who are game changers on bad teams i.e. Felipe Lopez, Freddie Sanchez or Brian Roberts at 2nd base?

My brain hurts, I’m going to watch the game! GO CUBS GO!

sfloyd…dero’s 8 hr and 32 rbi would lead the team (in rbis that is). Pretty good production despite .267 avg which is not bad considering he switched leagues which generally takes time to adjust to. No “bubbles bursting” here. I would take those numbers any day.

Who is Olson? Point II

I certainly don’t want ALL the players back from last year, but that’s the point, a GOOD GM evalutes players and doesn’t move a key player like DeRosa or GET players that need LUCK to make a good catch in right field (Bradley) or LUCK to stay healthy (Bradley). A good GM recognizes the REAL needs of a team and fills them with TALENTED players that can BOTH hit very good AND field very good. You can’t make a case for Bradley being a very good fielder, you can try, but we would all laugh. We would have been better off with the majority of last years players and just a couple of additions to the pen and the bench. The bench was covered by Hoffpauir and Fox but only Hoff made it (until now) but Hendry OVER THOUGHT THE WHOLE PROCESS and at the same time DIDN’T DO MUCH TO REDUCE THE PAYROLL. So he made the team worse and did not make the brass happier with a lower payroll, did not utilize the minor league talent enough…GENIUS!

you really think that we will get peavy and gonzalez? ya right. the padres werent satisfied with 7 of our players for peavy so what makes you think that they will give up gonzalez for the same amount? Good idea but we would have to give up alot more players and take most of peavy’s salary

When people tell me to slow down and take a step back, I think they know what I’m saying is right. It looks like more than 80% of the comments here are calling for major changes esp in the front office of the Cubs organization. I for one totally agree. The decisions that are good take forever to be made. The bad one are snap judgements that in the long run look foolish and are quite troubling. It’s about time that Jake Fox gets a shot. Hoff-power had one night that lilz commented on where he didn’t hit the ball, wow. How many bad games has Lee had thus far for 2009? I’m ready to make a deal. Johnson pulled through for us today. Thank goodness reason ruled and he played today so we could take the series. I seriously think this team needs an overhaul starting with Hendry. Mr. Rickets read the comments above and over the last few weeks and I bet you could come up with a couple of people who could hit the ground running when (yes, I said WHEN) you fire Hendry. Sorry to those relatives of Jim’s who’ve commented that he’s done a fine job getting us to the playoffs…but until I see a ring on Ronnie’s finger the job’s not done!

So many of you (us) make such valid points and arguments when it comes to the bumbling way Hendry built (destroyed) this team. Different lineups everyday, a revolving door of players…who can possibly say this is a good job by a good general manager except his relatives and cronies using different blog names? I think you are right cubbeeblue about the 80% and I hope the Rickets realize something about Hendry that Sam Zell doesn’t…that he needs to go. Doing it Hendry’s way IS NOT WORKING.
Cjko and cubbiegirl, excellent observations..er, well of course they are because WE AGREE!!! HA!
Hopefully it won’t take too much longer for Lou to realize that it IS O.K. to play Hoffpauir over Lee, it IS O.K. to semi-regularly start Johnson over either Fukodome or Bradley, it IS O.K. to pull Soriano in the late innings for Johnson’s or Fukodome’s defense, it IS O.K. to get Fox some starts at first base, it IS O.K. to get Hill more starts at catcher, it IS O.K. to play Andres Blanco over Miles….Lou, this is the best time to find out what you have on the roster while Ramirez is out and Lee is…well, Lee. The heck with the likes of Freel, Miles even Fontenot for that matter, they DID have their opportunities. These are not All-stars we’re talking about that would shock the world if they sat on the bench or were released for that matter. God knows what Hendry is capable of doing to fix his own mess. There is no confidence anymore in his ability to build a winner.

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