5/28 Zambrano 6-game suspension & lineup

Carlos Zambrano received a six-game suspension for his “inappropriate and violent actions” on Wednesday, according to Major League Baseball. Zambrano has decided to serve the suspension now, and will be eligible to come back Thursday for the Cubs’ series finale in Atlanta.

“I think the ruling was fair, yes,” Lou Piniella said. “I think Carlos does also. He just took it too far. I think he realizes that.”

The Wrigley Field crowd definitely enjoyed Zambrano’s antics, prompted by an argument over a close call at home plate.

“Well, this is not the WWF. This is professional baseball,” Piniella said. “I understand the fans like a little — I don’t know hwat you call it — emotion, outburst. they’ve always liked that, especially about the seventh inning when they’ve had [a few beverages].

“Baseball has always been a sport where there’s been disagreements,” Piniella said, “but at the same time, you voice your disagreement and walk away from it and you get back to do what you’re getting paid to do which is pitch or hit or whatever it is.”

* Ryan Freel was placed on the 15-day disabled list and infielder Bobby Scales called back. Scales, who was optioned to Iowa on Wednesday, had not left Chicago when he got the call. He’s still a little under the weather with the flu but was available to pinch hit. 

* Thursday’s lineup will be LF Soriano, SS Theriot, RF Bradley, 1B Lee, CF Johnson, C Soto, 3B Fontenot, 2B Blanco, P Wells.

— Carrie Muskat


So does that mean the ump got suspended 12 games then?

So does that mean the ump got suspended 12 games then?

So does that mean the ump got suspended 12 games then?

When a player is suspended like Big Z, does he also lose his salary for the days suspended & if so, does this money go to charity or where does it go?

I’m not sure I even care about “Big Z” anymore…he’s an ACE in Hendry’s mind only. Let him put together back to back 18 game winning seasons or ONE 20 game season and then we Cubs fans can decide if he’s our “ACE”.
I’m not clamoring to dump him, just saying he’s not an ACE compared to Halliday, Lincecum, etc. Hell, Randy Wells can go 7 innings against the hottest team in the NL West, allow only two runs, keep his ERA under 2.00 AND keep his composure….if Hendry IS the one responsable for scouting him then I FINALLY tip my hat to him, but I think the credit would go to WHOEVER ADVISED HENDRY.

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