Crazy like a Fox

Give Jake Fox credit. He’ll outwork anybody. Fox was at third base with bench coach Alan Trammell before Thursday’s game. Lou Piniella was asked if he was comfortable putting Fox in a game at third.

“Alan told me not to get too excited just yet,” Piniella said. “He told me he was going to work with him. To Fox’s credit, he told Alan, it might not be pretty but he’ll get the job done. That’s a pretty darn good rebuttal. He’s going to work with him for a few more days and we’ll see.”

Fox did come through with a pinch-hit single in the eighth, and was pressed into duty at third in the ninth. The Cubs are short-handed with injuries to Ryan Freel and Aaron Miles. Koyie Hill, who has subbed at third, was on deck to pinch hit in the ninth, but Piniella changed his mind and decided on Kosuke Fukudome instead. Home plate umpire Mark Wegner signaled that Hill was in, and switching to Fukudome meant the Cubs lost Hill for the game.

— Carrie Muskat



This team is absolutely horrible! What does it take to get the ball in play so one pathetic run can score! Good pitching but the absolute worst offense ever! This season has the feeling of being over! Thanks Cubs!

Blame that game on another no hustle play by Soriano costing us a run and an extremely poor at bat in the 8th inning. I don’t care if you are Albert Pujols, you lay down a bunt in that situation. Again the Cubs can’t manufacture a run. The ninth showed some really good hitting by Bradley and Lee. This team is gonna turn around, the question is will it be to late. Wells pitched another gem, he is definately our 6th starter giving our team even more great starting pitching. Guzman did a great job again as well, I hope he can keep it up. Play with some hustle Soriano, stop taking a careless approach on easy plays hustle them out. Thanks again Bobby Scales, for even making a game out of this one. The at bat in the 9th wasn’t so pretty but the homer was a great at bat, coming back from 0-2 to 3-2 to long ball.

Bob Brenly brought up a great point during the game. Basically saying he is going to find out why the Cubs haven’t had Fox at 3B in AAA since ARAM went down. Great question.. and knowing Hendry will probably give some lame excuse.

Soriano is a lazy ballplayer that wants to do his own thing. No team in SORRY-ano! As a leadoff hitter you should know how to bunt… hell being a MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPLAYER you better know how to bunt. No excuse for it! Lou should be DEMANDING IT!

Brenly brought up the same point durning a radio interview about Fox not GETTING ANY TIME AT THIRD IN THE MINORS.
It’s not as if they want him to be the FUTURE THIRD BASEMAN (Vitters…), but for God’s sake, get him some PRACTICE just so he can MINIMIZE his defensive miscues when HE DOES fill in for ARAM!! Hendry AND his excuses ARE LAME!! Fist, I must say that I don’t believe Fox is THE answer at third base but secondly I must disagree with Carrie’s statement that the Cubs could be in trouble if they rely on Fox at third base. If the Cubs must rely on Freel, Fontenot or even Scales at third base they are definatley in trouble with a huge lack of OFFENSE AND POWER, and will be just adequatley covered by their defensive skills. At least relying on Fox at third will help the GLARING NEED for offense and power and they would have to make up for any defensive liability. But Fox is the lesser of two evils, since when has defense been the culprit during the recent skid?
How did our defense lose the 2-1 game last night? How could we not scrape up 3 runs against a soft tossing lefty like Wolf? Maybe if Fox had 4 at bats instead of his two we may have put up a few more runs. I know he may have cost a few also if he played the whole game at third…WE DON’T KNOW YET…that’s the point. WE LOST ANYWAY. If Lou doesn’t take an “what do we have to lose” approach NOW, when will he? When Ramirez returns? Now is the time to TRY THE UNORTHODOX, not when there ARE NO HOLES TO FILL. Randy Wolf, soft tossing lefty…and Lou STILL starts Fontenot, a LEFT handed bat, IN A HUGE SLUMP. What’s with that? If there ever was a time to try Fox starting a game at third it was last night! Lou, stop drinking from the same cup as Hendry!!! It’s contageous!!

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